November 19, 2005 dance report. (I've added the numbers and put the
dances first then those who were present.)

By Joe:

Roughly in the order we did them. I didn't get one or two on there:

1 Tamzara- Armenia
2 Sitno Malisevsko- unknown
3 Rumelaj- Gypsy
4 Posties Jig- Scotland
5 Podrimsko oro- Albania
6 Pata Pata- South Africa
7 Lugovonjka- Russia
8 Levi Jackson Rag- USA
9 Lakodalmi Tanc- Hungary
10 Kendime- Turkey
11 Horehronsky Csardas- Slovakia
12 Heya Heya (partner)- Israel
13 Harmonica- Israel
14 Gorani- Armenia
15 Cobankat- Albania
16 Andro Retourne- Brittany
17 Bufcansko
18 Amelia's Waltz- unknown
19 Ajde Jano (rock 1)- World

1 Russ
2 Missy
3 Don
4 Rose
5 Ronda
6 Marvin
7 Lita
8 Ted
9 Lauren
10 Joe
11 Connie
12 Jackie


Ronan Culture Fair, Sat, Dec. 3rd

Mainly it will be teaching and getting people up dancing. We'll be there
for an hour or so. From 10:30 until 11:30 or noon.

All are welcome. We'll meet at Rosaurs south of Kalispell at 9am or so to
get to Ronan by 10:30

Lita has kindly offered to host a "post culture fair" taco feed at her
house in Ronan. Bring taco mixings.

Dancing on Christmas Eve: Is there interest to dance on Dec. 24th? Russ
said that the Salvation Army said it's fine with them. However, let me
know if you would plan to be there that night. If nobody is going to be
there, we won't dance.

Dancing on New Years Eve: If we want to dance on New Years Eve, it needs
to be at a different venue. Any suggestions?

Some ideas we had were the Lasalle school, or Hedges (if Sarah would
arrange it)

PS..Roger, or anyone. Do you know what country Horehronsky is from? And
Bufcansko? Amelia's Waltz? and Ajde Jano?

Any misspellings, boo boos, etc, are all mine!