December 3, 2005 dance report. (I've added the numbers and put the
dances first then: those who were present.)

From Joe:

Dances we did, in no particular order (unless you want to *make* them in
some order.

1 Vrni Se Vrni (Come Back, Come Back) Macedonia
2 Tamzara Armenia
3 St. Margaret's Hill English
4 Sitno Malisevsko Bulgaria
5 Mayim - Geula Gill Israel
6 Mairi's Wedding Scotland
7 Levi Jackson Rag USA
8 Kritikos Syrtos Greece
9 Kasapsko Horo Macedonia
10 Joc batranesc de la Niculitel Romania
11 Harmonica Israel
12 Fife Ness Scotland
13 Fandango English
14 Bufcansko Macedonia
15 Barsgeren yeghanag (Persian Melody) Armenia
16 Ajde Jano kolo da igramo Serbia
17 Krakoviak
18 Guheega


1 Sam
2 Ruth
3 Russ
4 Missy
5 Ted
6 Lauren
7 Marianne
8 Jackie
9 Joe
10 Marvin
11 Don
12 Rose
13 Ronda

Dance Announcements:

Christmas eve dancing-It appears that there will be dancing on Christmas Eve.
Russ won't be there, neither will many of the rest of us. However, there
are enough people that want to dance that it's a go! It probably will in the
Salvation Army church, but if not I'll send out an announcement

New Years Eve dancing-Lauren has kindly offered her home as a place for us
to dance. There's a party going on at the Salvation Army church so we
can't use it.


Ta, till next time'.Joe

So far, only Roger and Jackie have expressed an interest in dancing on Christmas Eve.
I was thinking more. With only 2 people dancing, it won't be a go after all.

I have the email addresses for Shannon, Sarah, Sam and Ruth, Russ, Don and Rose,
Roger, Lita, Lauren, Kathy Neff, Jon H., Jackie, Doreen, Cris, Connie, Cindy T.,
and Brenda.

I already know Russ can't be there, Jackie and Roger want to dance.

Would everyone else on the list please reply with Yes or No?

Thanks, Joe
I just got an email from Lauren..."I am going to have to retract my offer for
New Year's Eve. Could you pass this along to the group? When I came home and spoke
to Julian about it, he very kindly pointed out that his college applications are
due the following day. I will have to keep the house quiet and boring so he can
focus. Maybe next year!"

Sooo....anybody else? Or should I try to get hold of a school gym?