December 17, 2005 dance report
From Joe:

Dances, we did, in no particular order.

1 At Vanni Israel
2 Maxwell's Rant Scotland
3 Zemer Atik Israel
4 Tamzara Armenia
5 Sweet Girl (Sirun Ahchik) Armenia
6 Sestorka Serbia
7 Sborinka Bulgaria
8 Robin Ddiog Wales
9 Podrimsko oro Albania

11 Mairi's Wedding Scotland
12 Ma Navu Israel
13 Lugovonjka Russia
14 Kuma Echa Israel
15 Jove Malaj Mome Bulgaria
16 Jack's Maggot (10x32) England
17 Hora din Campie Romania
18 Heya Heya Israel
19 Harmonica Israel
20 Gorani Armenia
21 Fandango English
22 Changerais-tu? (Would you change?) Brittany
23 Bufcansko Macedonia
24 Birchot Havdalah Israel
25 Ajde Jano (rock 1) Serbia

Attendees, in reverse alphabetical order.

1 Ted
2 Susan-1st
3 Sharon-1st <Missy's coworker, friend
4 Shannon
5 Sam
6 Ruth
7 Russ
8 Rose
9 Ronda
10 Missy
11 Marianne
12 Lauren
13 Karen
14 Jon-2nd
15 Joe
16 Jackie
17 Don
18 Connie

It was ironic, we had one of the larger crowds tonight, yet we could only
use about 1/3 of the gym. Most of it is taken up with Christmas presents
the Salvation Army is dealing with.

NEW YEARS EVE DANCING!!! Will be at the Northridge Lutheran Church at 7pm
on New Years Eve, Dec. 31st.
Turn West by the Buffalo Hills funeral home onto Northridge Drive. Go about
3 blocks, the church is on the right, 323 Northridge Drive.
Buffalo Hills funeral home is across 93 from the Blue Cow.

Any mistakes, blah, blah, blah, are all mine!