January 14, 2006 dance report from Joe: my coments

We did several of these dances twice, mainly the ones that were taught; to reinforce the teaching. Now, as to what ones
those are 'Ya got me!  I *think* that perhaps it was the first 3 or 4 or 5 songs, but I'm not sure.  This is close to
the order we did them in.

1  Djado mitjovata (Kusmet) 		Bulgaria    	Roger taught this one and:
2  Dramskato (Duini Mi Duini)		Bulgaria    	this one and
3  Siriul				Romania         this one
4  Vrni Se Vrni (Come Back, Come Back)	Macedonia 	Russ taught
5  Bufc^ansko				Macedonia
6  Ersko				Serbia          Russ taught
7  Kuma Echa				Israel
8  Cobankat				Albania
9  Jiana				Romania
10 Pe Batute				Romania         Roger taught
11 Sitno Malisevsko			Bulgaria
12 Tervelska Raka			Bulgaria
13 Heya Heya (partner - Victor Gabay)	Israel   	group mind teaching
14 Pidhichtos Banas 			North Trace  	Roger taught
15 Plaka Hasapiko			Greek 		need to review it
Sang happy birthday to Joe. While most were eating cake did:
16 Staro Pomas^ko			Bulgaria
17 Tamzara				Armenia
18 Garoon				Armenia
19 Nino					Armenia
20 Podrimsko oro			Albania
21 Harmonica				Israel
22 Armenian Turn			Armenia
23 Aino Kchume				Assyria
24 Joc batranesc de la Niculitel	Romania

Dancers that were here, as near as I noted, can recall/tell/remember.  If I missed anyone, it's...ummmm..NOT MY FAULT!:-)

1  Ronda
2  Joe
3  Roger
4  Russ
5  Lauren
6  Ted
7  Lindsay (friend of Lauren’s, 1st time)
8  Shannon
9  Scott
10 Jackie
11 Lita
12 Marianne
13 Missy
14 Connie
15 Marvin
16 Special cameo appearance by the lovely and talented Sharon H. (Sharon thought we danced until 11pm.)


Till next time..Ta Ta, Joe