Hi everyone,

Dances from March 11, 2006 at the Salvation Army Gym.  7 to 10 PM

 1  Djado Mitjovata (Kusmet) 	Bulgaria 	The first 3 dances were taught (by me) and repeated 3 times
 2  Siriul 			Romania
 3  Rondeau de Garein 		France
 4  Per Spellman 		Norway 		Russ taught
 5  Zemer Atik  		Israel  	Ruth taught
 6  Vranjanka(Sano Duso) 	Serbia 		Russ taught this one and the next one
 7  St. George of Skyros  	Greek
 8  Ne e Kemi Drenicën (Dance from Plav) Montenegro
 9  Andro (bagpipes)     	Brittany
 10 Rezijanka     		Slovakia  	We are getting better with this one.
 11 Cumberland Square 		England      	Russ tuaght  Done twice
 12 Kostursko Oro     		Macedonia
 13 Be'er Basadeh     		Israel  	Remembered it!  Done twice
 14 Dedo Mili Dedo    		Macedonia
 15 Levi Jackson Rag  		USA 		Done twice
 16 Chiotikos     		Greek
 17 Hora din Campie   		Romania
 18 Jiana     			Romania
 19 Skudrinka (Od Granka V Granka)     Macedonia
 20 Postie's Jig     		Scotland
 21 Nino     			Armenia
 22 Cimpoi 			Romania  	Danced once, then did a mini lesson, then danced it again
 23 Kritikos Syrtos     	Greek
 24 Tarantella     		Italy  		None of us rememered this one.
 25 Harmonica     		Israel
 26 Dana     			Romania     	Lauren has vowed to learn this and be our fearless leader!
 27 Heya Heya     		Israel
 28 Bufc^ansko     		Macedonia
 29 Birchot Havdalah     	Israel
 30 Tervelska Raka     		Bulgaria
 31 Nama Lesnoto Medley     	Macedonia


 1  Lynn Marie  and Phil first time folk dancing.
 2  Phil
 3  Ronda
 4  Linda
 5  Kim
 6  Sharon
 7  Russ
 8  Ted
 9  Lauren
 10 Don
 11 Ruth
 12 Rose
 13 Jackie
 14 Sam
 15 Roger
 16 Marvin
 17 Jon
 18 Karen
 19 Cris
 20 Rebecca
 21 Joe


International Folk Dance, March 18, 2006  at the Salvation Army Gym, 7 to 10pm.

Our EIGHTH anniversary will be March 25th.  Our first dance was Friday, March 20, 1998. At the Sons of Norway Hall.
Prices were:
        $2 for adults, $1 for kids under 12, $5 for families.
        Contacts were Sara Hok and Chris Brewer.

We will dance until 11PM.  Bring along something to munch on.

There will be a Ceili (Celtic dance party, pronounced Kaylee) at the Sons of Norway Hall.  I heard it might be
next Saturday, March 18.  I called Sally to find out for sure, but haven't heard back from her.  At the last Ceili
a few years ago they had an... "Irish Stew dinner that was served from 6:30  7:30, followed by dancing featuring
live music by Zephyr.  Irish group dances for everyone will be called by Sally Delby.  There will be a performance
by the Celtic Cross Dancers at 8:30."  But, that was then, give Sally Delby a call for the latest details.

International Folk Dance Fridays! is a series of 12 nights of dance from across the world.  Most sessions will
welcome beginners.  All sessions will be held upstairs at the Union Hall, 208 East Main, Missoula, MT.  All sessions
will cost $5 and will run from 7:30 - 9:30 pm.  Dance Fridays! is sponsored  by the Missoula Folklore Society,
Missoula Folklore Society

Plans for a weekend "Camp and Stamp" this Summer at Russ's.  Details to follow.

"We are bringing in a fantastic band that plays Greek and Balkan music and teaches dances (as part of their
performance) to willing participants in the audience. They are affiliated with the Ethnic Folk Arts
Center/Hungarian House in New York City."     Marilee Duncan of the Billings Folk  Dances invites you to the
Festival of Nations in Red Lodge the weekend of August 4,5,6. More information at

Thank you Joe for making up the present list tonight, sending out the dance report when I can't, and providing us with a
Laptop Computer and technical wizardry!!

Any suggestions, comments, corrections, you have are welcome!

Till next time,