April 8, 2006 dances, 7 to 11pm
(Joe's report, but I changed it about and added a few comments Roger)

It was our 8th anniversary as the Flathead International Folk Dance group.  (Not sure if that was the  name then),
We had a ton of food, oh, we did manage to get some dances done in between eating.

Close to exactly the order listed Dances:

1   Djado mitjovata (Kusmet) 		Bulgaria
2   Siriul  				Romania
3   Danec    				Bulgaria  	forgot the 2nd part, need to review the video.
4   Be'er Basadeh    			Israel
5   Nevesto Carven Trendafil  		Bulgaria
6   Rumelaj   				Romanian Gypsy
7   Bufc^ansko  			Macedonia
8   Mi Go Zatvorille  			Macedonia
9   Gankino Horo  			Bulgaria Russ taught it last time, but couldn't quite get the rhythem this time.
10  Seta 				Serbia
11  Sitno Malisevsko  			Bulgaria
12  Cimpoi  				Romania
13  Ne e Kemi Drenicën (Dance from Plav)  Montenegro
14  C^etvorno S^opsko Horo   		Bulgaria
15  Jiana  				Romania
16  Papadhopanayiotena  		Greek  		we tried this but no one remembered it.
17  Opinca  				Romania 	we are getting better at this, but still weak on it.
18  St. George of Skyros 		Greek
19  Dospatsko Horo  			Bulgaria
20  Ada`s Kujawiak			Poland
21  Biserka    				Serbia
22  Tervelska Raka  			Bulgaria
23  Per Spelmann (Per the Fiddler)  	Scandinavia
24  Andro Retourne (Changeraistu)    	Brittany
25  Nabrala  Medimurje  		Croatia
26  Andro (bagpipes)  			Brittany
27  Harmonica              		Israel

Somewhere in here, we took a long break. In order to eat some vittles, such as Salad, bread, tortilla chips, Lemon
Cake, wrapped grape leaves, celery, carrots, deviled eggs, potato chips, crab quiche and chocolate minbrownies.
Sang Happy bithday to Roger, Jackie and Joe's sister Nancy
Sharon did her Hula dance to live music on a CD she brought:"He Aloha No O Wai `anae" AKA The Birthday Song

28  Ketri Ketri  Kalyi Jag   		Romanian Gypsy  didn't remeber this, not sure
29  Dana  				Romania 	Lita and Lauren know more of the steps but not the sequence yet
30  Alunelul de la Urzica  		Romania
31  Mesho Gorani  			Armenia
32  Nino  				Armenia
33  Rezijanka  				Slovenia
34  Gavotte d'Honneur   		Brittany
35  Pentozali   			Greek
36  Tamzara   				Armenia
37  Sestorka  				Serbia
38  Devojko Mari Hubava  		Bulgaria
39  Ali Pasa  				Turkey
40  Hatzisteryios (Dervenaghas)  	Greek
41  Skudrinka   			Macedonia
42  Tervelska Tropanka  		Bulgaria 	attempted but didn't remember it.
43  Heyamo   				Turkey 		Sally taught this to me (Roger) late Sat. at Steam and Stomp
44  Cobankat  				Albania
45  Orijent   				Serbia
46  Ravno Oro  				Macedonia
47  Joc batranesc de la Niculitel  	Romania
48  Birchot Havdalah  			Israel

People in attendance

1  Don
2  Rose
3  Ethelyn  (A much older woman, could only do dances like Seta, her husband sat out in the hall.)
4  Joe
5  Ronda
6  Lita
7  Lauren
8  Missy
9  Russ
10 Marianne
11 Roger
12 Jackie
13 Nancy  (Joe's sister)
14 Ted
15 Connie
16 Sharon