Hi everyone,

Don't forget   CAMP AND STAMP WEEKEND June 24 and 25 
See updated details at the end

Dances from May 27, 2006, at the Salvation Army Gym, from 7 to 10pm)

1	Strumicka Petorka			Macedonia	Still working on the timing
2	Potam Povam				Serbia	
3	Staro Pomas^ko				Bulgaria	
4	Vrni Se Vrni (Come Back, Come Back)	Macedonia	Russ taught
5	Mom Bar					Armenia	
6	Karamfil             			Macedonia	
7	Ratarsko Kolo				Serbia	
8	Siriul 					Romania	
9	Devojce, Devojce			Macedonia	
10	Opinca					Romania	
11	Seta					Serbia	
12	St. Margaret's Hill			England		Russ taught
13	Be'er Basadeh				Israel	
14	Ersko Kolo				Serbia	
15	Moj Dragane				Croatia	
16	Sila Kale Bal				Serbian Gypsy	
17	Ajde Janorock 2				Serbia	
18	Shiftin' Bobbins			Scotland	Russ taught
19	Sitna Zborenka				Bulgaria	Still working on this we're better than last week
20	Jiana					Romania	
21	Danec					Bulgaria	
22	Jove Malaj Mome				Bulgaria	
23	Joc batranesc de la Niculitel		Romania	
24	Sabrali sa se, sabrali			Bulgaria	
25	Tervelska Raka				Bulgaria	
26	Alunelul de la Urzica			Romania	
27	Devojce 				Macedonia	Same dance as Devojce, Devojce different music.
28	Me Go Zatorile				Bulgaria	
29	Belasicko Oro				Macedonia	
30	Ivanice					Macedonia	
31	Trind Polska				Finland	

1  Don
2  Rose
3  Russ
4  Missy
5  Marvin
6  Joe
7  Ronda
8  Jon
9  Karen
10 Jackie
11 Ethelyn
12 Roger



Directions to the old LaSalle School and tentative schedule:

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to announce once again that...Saturday,June 24th, some of the Bozeman, Butte and Helena group
are coming to dance with us...  We'll dance at the LaSalle School in the afternoon. 1PM

After 5:00 or so, we will break for a potluck dinner in the same location. (We will coordinate what food items to bring,
when we know who will do that task.)

At 7:00 we will be at the Salvation Army Gym as usual.

(Those coming from out of town, come directly to the school. If you have a tent to set up at Russ's, then you can set
up after the potluck and before dancing at the Salvation Army Gym; if you want to.)

Directions to the old school are as follows:  Drive up Hwy. 2 toward Glacier Intl. Airport.  Across from the north
end of the airport is large blue hanger across the street is a railroad siding where there is usually a row of boxcars.
Look for Pioneer Rd. that crosses the railroad tracks and drive about 1/4 mi. east.  You will see the school on the
corner of the Olsen Machine Park and go into the gate down a little ways (south) of the school.


If you need better directions, call Russ

Salvation Army Gym, where we dance every Saturday 7 to 10 pm, We will be able to dance until 11 o'clock Saturday night.

More folk dancing Sunday morning in Russ's famous "chicken house".  Sunday we'll cook up breakfast in Russ's kitchen,
like we did last year.  Some thought that was one of the nicest parts of the weekend. Then we can dance again, at the
LaSalle School or the chicken house, depending on how many want to dance.

Any suggestions, comments, corrections, you have are welcome!
Till next time,