Report of the July 29, 2006 dance by Joe:

1  Siriul                       Romania
2  St. George of Skyros         Greek
3  Sitno Malisevsko             Bulgaria
4  Ma Navu                      Israel
5  Ajde Jano kolo da igramo     Serbia
6  Bufc^ansko                   Macedonia
7  Hole In The Wall             England
8  Be'er Basadeh                Israel
9  Srbijanka                    Serbia
10 Duke of Kent's Waltz         England
11 Tervelska Raka               Bulgaria
12 Tervelska Tropanka           Bulgaria
13 Devojce, Devojce             Macedonia
14 Devojko Mari Hubava          Bulgaria
15 Sborinka                     Bulgaria
16 Opinca                       Romania
17 Birchot Havdalah             Israel

People in attendance, not in any order unless you want to make one up.

1  Russ
2  Missy
3  Lauren
4  Joe
5  Ronda
6  Marvin
7  Jackie
8  Paul		Russ's brother
9  Dorothy	Russ's sister in law
10 Sharon

Let's help support a Missoula effort for folk dancing. Let Michael Sweet know if you are interested.

I was finally able to find a reasonably priced location for aninternational dance weekend in Missoula.  The place has
been just refurbished and not yet advertised, so all weekends are open at this point. For those familiar with Missoula,
it is the Welcoma Club.  It is long known for its weekly square dances.  The Missoula Folklore Society danced there 
in the early 1980's. They put in new bathrooms and a kitchen, expanded the dance area a little, and added parking.
The owner said they can accommodate about 80 square dancers in the room ... although I think thatwould be a bit cozy.

QUESTION:  Are folks interested in gathering for a dance in Octoberish?  If so, can we start to circulate some dates?
If there is sufficient interest, I would like to shoot for a date when the most dancers can attend.

If we can settle on a date, then we can work out other details over the next month or so.  More important that we
reserve the space.

FORMAT:  Options for music and singing Friday evening and\or Saturday morning?  Dance from 1 pm Saturday to midnight
with a dinner break?  Doing something on Sunday morning would be an option if I can find an alternative location for
a smaller group (we have to rent the hall by the day, so it gets pricey to rent for just a couple hours of dancing).
We can certainly gather for breakfast on Sunday for conversation.  Instruction or not instruction on Saturday, or a
mix (couple of golden oldies dances for the 1970's)?

MUSIC: I would have to rely on the digital music folks, as Susan and I are pretty much in vinyl world for now.  I
can arrange for a sound system, so we probably just need the vinyl part.

HOSTING: Since our international group in Missoula is currently a group of two or three with Susan and I the two we
are a bit challenged to be as good a  host as  Bozeman and Kalispell are.  If it meant the difference between someone
coming or not coming, we would work to find a place for them to sleep.  I can think of a few options. We would do our
best to provide a weekend of good dance and good food with good friends.

Spread the word amongst your local dancers and provide some feedback.  If we could get an indication from each locale,
that would be great.