Hi everyone,

**NO**  International Folk Dance next Saturday, January 13, 2007.  

** We will resume International Folk Dance at the Salvation Army Gym, January 20, 2007, 7 to 10pm.   If you are 
interested see announcements at the end of this email about the Contra Dance next Saturday.

Dances from January, 2007, at the Salvation Army Gym, 7-10 PM.

1  Dramskato (Dujni Mi Duini)      Bulgaria
2  Gori More                       Macedonia       Done twice
3  Siriul                          Romania
4  Dance Of Ikaria                 Greek           Done twice
5  Promoroaca                      Romania
6  St. George of Skyros            Greek
7  Sitna Zborenka                  Bulgaria
8  Djado Mitjovata                 Bulgaria
9  Kendime                         Turkey
   Dramskato (Dujni Mi Duini)      Bulgaria
10 Biserka                         Serbia
11 Bufc^ansko                      Macedonia
12 Kritikos                        Syrtos  Greek
13 Tervelska Raka                  Bulgaria
14 Le Laride                       Brittany        Done twice
15 Rezijanka                       Slovenia
16 Nama Lesnoto Medley             Macedonia
17 Yolanda                         Colombia
18 Tervelska Tropanka              Bulgaria
19 Bavno Oro                       Macedonia
20 Zemer Atik                      Israel
21 Ve David                        Israel
22 Fife Ness                       Scotland
23 Djado Mitjovata                 Bulgaria
24 Seta                            Turkey
25 Birchot Havdalah                Israel          Done twice
26 Hole In The Wall                England         Done twice
27 Changerais-tu? (AnDro Retourne) Brittany
28 Cumberland Square               England         Done twice
29 Andro                           Brittany
30 Hora din Campie                 Romania
31 Louky                           Czech


1  Russ
2  Linda A
3  Lauren
4  Marianne
5  Marvin
6  Ted
7  Jackie
8  Jon
9  Connie
10 Don
11 Lanny
12 Carolyn
13 Marti
14 Roger


 **NO**  International Folk Dance next Saturday, January 13, 2007.  

**We will resume International Folk Dance at the Salvation Army Gym, January 20, 2007 -7 to 10pm.
Contra Dance 
SATURDAY, JANUARY 13TH at the NORTHRIDGE LUTHERAN CHURCH GYM, 323 Northridge Blvd., Kalispell (same location
as December's dance).  Same times: Lessons 7:30 to 8:00 pm & dance 8:00 to 11:00 pm.
Directions: Hwy 93 north of Kalispell to the stop light by Qdoba Mexican Restaurant/Blue Cow car wash (one
block north of City Brew). Turn west at the light on to Northridge Drive (wood sign entrance for Northridge
Heights).  Continue down Northridge Drive several blocks to the church on your right.  The dance will be in
the church gym, which is on the far left side of the parking lot.
Music by "Cup O' Tea" & dance calling by Bev Young.
If you have any questions, call Christina at 212-9444.
If nothing else changes .... the NEXT dance will be on February 10th at the Salvation Army Church Gym.  We
will keep you posted - the newspaper has not been printing correct information!
Wintergreen Dance Weekend -Bozeman, MT.
January 26-28th, 2007
The Emerson Center for the Arts & Culture
Bands! Callers! Workshops!       

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