Hi everyone,

**NO**  International Folk Dance next Saturday, March 10, 2007.  

** We will resume International Folk Dance at the Salvation Army Gym,
March 17, 2007, 7 to 10pm.   If you are interested see announcements 
at the end of this email about the Contra Dance next Saturday.

Dances from March 3, 2007, at the Salvation Army Gym, 7-10 PM.

1	Ciganskoto			Macedonia
2	Dance Above the Rainbow		Ireland 
3	Djado Mitjovata			Bulgaria
4	Tino Mori			Macedonia
5	Siriul 				Romania
6	Setnja (Festival version)	Serbia
7	Setnja				Serbia
8	Kuma Echa			Israel
9	Bufcansko (Bufc^ansko)		Macedonia
10	Lo Ahavti Dai			Israel
11	Birchot Havdalah		Israel
12	Be'er Basadeh			Israel
13	Ne e Kemi Drenicën (Dance from Plav)	Montenegro
14	Hashual				Israel
15	Takanata			Bulgaria, Severnjasko
16	Changerais-tu_ (Would you change)	Brittany
17	Hambo, Accordion		Sweden
18	Ali Pasa			Turkey
19	Alunelul--Gill			Romania
20	Ersko Kolo			Serbia
21	Trind Polska			Finland
22	Jiana				Romania
23	Salty Dog Rag			USA
24	Tamzara				Armenia
25	Bavno Oro  			Macedonia
26	Cacak in 5   			Serbia
27	Gori More			Macedonia 
28	Mori Odajo			Macedonia
29	Lesnoto Oro (Oj Ti Pile)	Bulgaria


1.	Jackie
2.	Rose
3.	Don
4.	Marsha
5.	John
6.	Linda
7.	Hugo
8.	Marvin
9.	Lauren
10.	Issac 	Connies son, 1st time folk dancing
11.	Roger
12.	Deb	1st time folk dancing
13.	Laura	1st time folk dancing
14.	Russ
15	Joann 	1st time folk dancing
16	Sam
17	Ruth
18	Joe
19	Carolyn


 **NO**  International Folk Dance next Saturday, March 10, 2007.  

**We will resume International Folk Dance at the Salvation Army Gym,
 March 17, 2007 -7 to 10pm.

From Joe:
Our next Contra Dance will be Saturday, February 10th at the Salvation Army church. We are excited to be
moving into a new venue (hopefully it will be permanant)

Band-Out of the Wood
Caller-Mitchell Frey
We're very excited to have this band and caller here. 
Out of the Wood has played here before, they are a fantastic band   

"Out of the Wood the Contradance band is known throughout the Northwest for its high energy dance music. The
band members have blended their skills and experience to create music that MUST be danced to!"
Our Caller, Mitchell Frey is coming all the way from Moscow, Idaho. Mitchell has been calling and teaching
dances for over 20 years.
Salvation Army Church, next to Brendon House
7:30-8:00, Lessons, review of common calls
8:00-11:00, Dance
Directions to the Salvation Army Gym:

From the intersection of Hwy 2 and Hwy 93, turn north toward Whitefish. About a mile and a half or so, at the top
of the hill, at the stop light turn right on Conway Drive. A little ways down the road you'll see the Kalispell
Regional Medical Center -Emergency Room entrance on your left.  Turn right at the helipad (Claremont) and go by
the NW.  Professional building, turn left onto Bountiful (It looks like a part of the parking lot), the Salvation
Army is straight ahead.  The address is 110 Bountiful Dr.  The right hand doors will be unlocked. It's a large
brick building. 
OR, just follow the signs to go to the VA clinic, only instead of turning right into the clinic, turn left into
the SA church parking lot.

If you have any questions, call Christina at 212-9444 or Joe at 752-7469
Hope to see you there! 

Until next time