Greeting to everyone!
  Here are the international folk dances we did Saturday 4/28/07 and the dancers who were in attendance. We
  had a good session and wore everyone out, so we ended a few minutes early. Roger and Jon were in attendance,
  so we were not without direction after all. And Joe was back! As were Cris, Rebecca & Dyson, after too
  long a hiatus! Nice to see everyone again. And we had Ivy, a new dancer. Welcome!
  We will do international dancing again Saturday May 5, 7-10 pm, so have your dance requests ready
  (since I'm not very adept at picking them out).  Then we take a week off for the last Contra Dance of
  the season on May 12, with music by Skippin a Grove and Bev Young calling. Lessons 7:30 to 8 p.m., dancing
  8-11 pm.
  International dancing resumes May 19. All at the Salvation Army gym, 110 Bountiful Drive, Kalispell.
  Dances of 4/28/07 
  Siriul 	                        Romania
  Bufc^ansko	                        Macedonia
  Ajde Jano-rock 2	                Serbia
  Aino Kchume 1	                        Assyria
  St. George of Skyros	                Greek
  Srbijanka	 		        Serbia
  Tino More	                        Macedonia
  Setnja	                        Serbia
  Arap (Zajko Kokorajko)	        Macedonia
  Ma Navu	                        Israel
  Jacob's Ladder or Sulam Yaakov	Israel
  Staro Pomas^ko	                Bulgaria
  Tervelska Raka	                Bulgaria
  Robin Ddoig	                        Wales
  Djado mitjovata		        Bulgaria
  Be'er Basadeh	                        Israel
  Zemer Atik	                        Israel
  Ne e Kemi Drenicën (Dance from Plav)	Montenegro
  T'Filati	                        Israel
  Harmonica	                        Israel
  Jenta a ja' (hambo)	                Sweden
  Horehronsky Cardas	                Slovakia
  Jiana	                                Romania
  Bavno Oro                    	        Macedonia
  Jove Malaj Mome	                Bulgaria
  Dedo mili dedo	                Macedonia
  Cetvorno Shopsko Horo        	        Bulgaria 
  Sitna Zborenka	                Bulgaria
  Tervelska Tropanka	                Bulgaria
  Godecki Cacak	                        Serbia
  Erev Ba	                        Israel
  04-28-07 Dancers
  1.	Jackie
  2.	Roger
  3.	Marianne
  4.	Joe
  5.	Ivy
  6.	Carolyn
  7.	Jon
  8.	Karen
  9.	Connie
  10.	Cris
  11.	Rebecca
  12.	Dyson
  13.	Rose
  14.	Don
  Don S