Greetings, Folkdancers!

The annual Stamp-n-Camp Flathead Valley folkdance gathering is this weekend, June 23-24, and Russ
reports that he has heard from quite a few dancers from around Montana who will be joining us. Major
change is that the dancing will be at our usual Flathead Folkdancers'  Saturday venue, the Salvation
Army Church gym on "Pill Hill" (as the hospital neighborhood on Kalispell's north side is affectionately known to
some of us). For a Stamp-n-Camp update, see below.

Dances of 6-16-07

Seta                                	Serbia
Ajd' Noga Za Nagama                 	Croatia
Robin Ddiog                          	Wales
Rondeau de Garein                   	France
Andro (bagpipes)                    	Brittany
Newcastle                        	England
Djado mitjovata                 	Bulgaria
Black Nag                        	England
Gorani                                	Armenia
Tamzara                                	Armenia
Hole In The Wall                	England
Barsgeren yeghanag (Persian Melody) 	Armenia
Duke of Kent's Waltz                	England
Dance from Plav                        	Montenegro
Devojce, Devojce                 	Macedonia
Verapceto (Verapcheto)                	Bulgaria
Pravo                                	Bulgaria
Trugnala Rumjana                      	Bulgaria
Jiana                                	Romania
T'Filati                        	Israel
Pidhichtos Banas                	North Thrace
Jacob's Ladder (Shulam Yaakou)        	Israel
Bavno Oro                         	Macedonia
Rustemul                            	Romania
Pomasko Sirto                        	Bulgaria
Tervelska Tropanka                  	Bulgaria
Melissa's Waltz                        	USA
Satovcensko Horo                	Bulgaria
Lakodalmi Tanc                        	Hungary
Ma Navu                                	Israel
Be'er Basadeh                        	Israel
Gori More                        	Macedonia
Dance Above the Rainbow                	Ireland
Rezijanka                        	Slovenia
Kostursko Oro                        	Macedonia
Joc batranesc de la Niculitel        	Romania



FOR STAMP-N-CAMP, Russ has the following final update:

There is a change I would like to point out from the previous itinerary for Saturday June 23rd.  We will do
all of our dancing at the Salvation Army Church gym.  Starting at about 12:00 noon, we will meet and share
dances, do requests and whatever participants want to do.  Between 4:00 and 5:00 we will break and go to my
place, and set up for the night and get the potluck ready which we will eat there.  At 7:00 or so, we will
then go back to the church gym for our dance partywhich will go until our heartiest of souls are
ready to give it up.  Sunday morning will consist of breakfast at my house and dancing in the "Chicken
House Dance Hall".

Directions are as follows:  To the Salvation Army Church and gym, drive north on hiway 93 up the hill from
downtown Kalispell, turn Rt on Conway (which leads to the Emergency Room of Kalispell Regional Hospital).
Turn right onto Claremont by the E.R. and go one block to  Bountiful and hang a left.  The church is on the
end of the street.
 Out of towners shouldn't worry much about food.  Bring something simple to transport like drink items,
fruit etc.

Look forward to seeing you!



RE. NATIONAL FOLK FESTIVAL. The following, from Max in Butte, is repeated for those who missed it
last month:

If you haven't already heard, The National Folk Festival will be held in Montana; yes, in Butte, for
three years, beginning July, 11, 12 & 13, 2008; the first time it has been this far west. It is free and
open to the public.

I am asking you to write letters to the organizers of the National Folk Festival to support participatory
dance activities. The festival will have seven performance stages with lots of great entertainment.
However, we should do what we can to assure that dance is present as a participatory activity.  I'm asking
you to support a request for one or more dance venues.  Dance is just a part of folk life.  Think of all the
dancing at the Northwest Folklife Festival in Seattle.

Please write one letter to the National Council for the Traditional Arts, National Folk Festival 2008-10
Planning Committee, 1320 Fenwick Lane, Suite 200 Silver Spring, MD 20910 USA.  Tell them your favorite
types of dance... folk, contra, line, belly, ballroom, period costume balls, salsa, western swing, hip-hop,
etc.  and tell them that you would like to see venues for public dancing at the festival in Butte.  Be sure
to tell them it's the way our dance traditions continue; when other people see that they are fun and
accessible and done by fellow folks in their community.

And if you feel comfortable with it, tell them what workshops you would like;  tell them what musicians,
dance teachers, historians, scholars, callers and dance groups you would like to see at the festival.
Don't be afraid to be specific in your wants; whatever is needed to share and enjoy your types of dancing at
a level worthy of the National Folk Festival... think of national level musicians, dance teachers, workshop
leaders and callers for the dancing you do... and ask for them by name. This is the National Folk Festival
after all.

Then, send a second letter to the local planning committee;  National Folk Festival, Local Planning
Committee, c/o Mainstreet Uptown Butte, P.O. Box 696, Butte, MT 59703.   Tell them that you have just
written the national committee and then repeat your requests.

It is through expressing our desire for venues for public dance, with live music, teachers for workshops,
callers, etc. that they will know what we expect to find to do at the National Folk Festival.  Dance,
after all, as a folk art, is ultimately participatory; it's what we dancing folks do.

Please write and send these two letters; they should be sent now while the basic planning process is still
fluid and the teachers, callers and musicians arenít yet booked for July 2008.  Also, please pass this
request on to other dancers; we need all the support we can get.

Thank you, and if you have further ideas about how to promote participatory dance at the Festival, or if
you have questions, contact me at
maxneva AT copper DOT net, 1920 Monroe Ave, Butte 59701 or

Max Maxwell.

Now get out your pen and paper, two envelopes and
stamps ....... 

Don S