We had great fun reviewing a couple of the more complicated dances from the Camp and Stamp weekend. We will dance
again this Saturday, July 7,  7-10 pm, at the Salvation Army Gym, 110 Bountiful Drive, a block south of Kalispell
Regional Medical Center.

Many of you probably saw the e-mail that Joe forwarded from Mike S, who is trying to organize a fall
folkdance in Missoula. I have attached Mike's message at the end.

Dances of 6-30-07

Siriul             		Romania
Djado mitjovata     		Bulgaria
Lo Ahavti Dai        		Israel
Bufc^ansko        		Macedonia
Vrapc^eto        		Bulgaria
Dance Above the Rainbow    	Ireland
T'Filati        		Israel
Sapri Tama        		Israel
Vlasko  (long version)     	Bulgaria
Floricica Olteneasca    	Romania
Be'er Basadeh        		Israel
St. Margaret's Hill    		England
Sharma Shiekh        		Israel
Dobri Danek        		Croatia
(Happy Brithday to Jon)
Tzadik Katamar        		Israel
Kulsko Horo        		Bulgaria
Buc^imis^        		Bulgaria
Tervelska Raka       		Bulgaria
Gori More        		Macedonia
Tervelska Tropanka    		Bulgaria
Bavno Oro         		Macedonia
Pidhichtos Banas    		North Thrace
Birchot Havdalah    		Israel
Sitna Zborenka        		Bulgaria
Ciuleandra        		Romania
Tamzara            		Armenia

1.    Roger
2.    Jackie
3.    Marvin
4.    Russ
5.    Missy
6.    Sarah
7.    Joe
8.    Connie
9.    Rose
10.    Don
11.    Jon
12.    Lauren
13.    Kathy
14.    Ted

From Mike and Susan in Missoula:

Hello - I checked on the place we danced in last year, and all Saturday's in September and October are
available.  Susan and I already have commitments for the first two weekends of September and last two
weekends of October.  Homecoming in Missoula is the weekend of September 29, which may not really be an

Given that, can you pass the word (email) around and query your dance community as to which of the
following Saturday dates might provide a good opportunity to gather to dance:
- Saturday September 22
- Saturday September 29 (Homecoming Weekend)
- Saturday October 6 (Columbus Day Weekend)
- Saturday October 13

October 6 is the first contra dance of the season for Missoula, but that should not be an issue.  Columbus
Day weekend may be a 3-day holiday for some folks. I'm personally thinking that we might follow the Kalispell
format and have a potluck on Saturday.

Talk it up for a couple of weeks, and let me know your preference ... maybe your 1st and 2nd choice. Please
feel free to distribute this email to others in your community and in other communties.  I have a rather
sparse email list.

Here's  to Independence!

Mike and Susan

Don S