Howdy, Folkdancers of the Flathead,

We meet again this Saturday 8-18-07 from 7 to 10 pm at the usual venue, the Salvation Army Church gym on Bountiful
Drive just south of Kalispell Regional Medical Center.

Roger declared that we were in a rut doing the same dances, so he queued up an evening of dances that we
hadn't done for a while, and it was great. This week we celebrate Connie's birthday, just a few days late.

Unfortunately, Rose and I will miss this week's session.  It's Fair time, and we will be hawking corn dogs and
huckleberry shakes from 6 pm to midnight for the Bigfork Lions and Masons at the first food booth on the
midway. Stop by for a huckleberry shake before folkdancing if you happen to pop into the Northwest
Montana Fair. We will catch up on dancing next week.

Dances of 8-11-07

Kostursko Oro #2             	Macedonia
Kriva Kruska            	Serbia
Kendime              		Turkey
Kopacka 1 - Dimna juda, mamo   	Macedonia
Kreuz Koenig              	Germany
Mayim - Geula Gill		Israel
Kuma Echa             		Israel
Le Laride                	Brittany
Lepa Moja Milena / Drmacica    	Croatia
Debki                  		Bedouin
Debka Kafrit             	Israel
Ciganski Orijent            	Serbia
Dodi Li                		Israel
Orijent                         Serbia
Picking up Sticks            	England
Seta                		Serbia
Jove Male Mome              	Bulgaria
Dance Above the Rainbow        	Ireland
Dance Of Ikaria            	Greek
Devojce, Devojce            	Macedonia
Ma Navu                		Israel
Sadi Moma            		Bulgaria
Nebesko Kolo            	Croatia
Salty Dog Rag            	USA
Twelvth Street Rag         	USA
Raca                		Serbia
Stara Vlainja            	Serbia
Erev Ba                		Israel
Dodi Li                		Israel
Rumunjsko Kolo            	Serbia
Preplet                 	Serbia
Siriul                 		Romania


1.    Russ
2.    Missy
3.    Jackie
4.    Sharon
5.    Roger
6.    Ruth
7.    Sam
8.    Marvin
9.    Don
10.    Rose
11.    Connie
12.    Kathy
13.    Jon

Don S