Hello and Happy Holidays!

Here are the Flathead International Folkdancers dances and participants from Dec. 15, 2007. We dance again
this Saturday Dec. 22 (tonight), from 7 to 10 pm, at the Salvation Army Gym, 110 Bountiful Drive, a block
south of Kalispell Regional Medical Center and just east of Hwy 93. Plans are afoot for a holiday dance
next Saturday Dec. 29, and perhaps other activities, and they should be finalized tonight.

Several people have asked if there's any new word regarding our friend Sam Martinez of the Helena group,
who suffered a severe stroke Aug. 31. He has been progressing since then but is still at Benefic in
Great Falls. I'm sure he'd appreciate a visit if anyone happens to be over that way. Meanwhile, Bill
Bucher has forwarded the following update from Sam's wife Theresa.

	From Theresa, 21 Dec. 2007
    		Please pass this on to your respective folk dance groups -- Sam will remain in Benefic West where
	he is for about 2 more months.  From Dec. 24-31 he may end up on the 4th floor but the nurses will know
	where he is. I will visit on Sunday for certain.  I will miss his birthday, Monday, as I have to work, and
	I am not sure about getting up there on Tuesday.
   		Sam will be getting his own power wheelchair, so he will be able to take walks now.  The one he has
	been borrowing has to be resized to fit him. Sam will likely leave the Rehab unit for home when he does
	leave. Using home health care will be far less expensive than a nursing home. Sam is doing better as
	far as thought processes.  He is still having trouble with moving his left arm and leg and may have trouble
	for a long time.
    	That is all.  Thank you, everyone for your prayers and have a very wonderful Christmas.

	Holiday wishes and notes of support can be sent to

Dances of 12-15-07

Trugnala Rumjana        Bulgaria
Dance Of Ikaria         Greek
Mori Odajo            	Macedonia
Satovcensko Horo    	Bulgaria
Ceresna                 Macedonia
Devojko Mari Hubava    	Bulgaria
U Sest 2 (Sam's fav)    Serbia
Levi Jackson Rag    	USA
Gori More            	Macedonia
Heyamo                  Turkey
Ciuleandra            	Romania
Hava Nagila            	Israel
Ajde Jano (rock 1)    	Serbia
Vranjanski Cacak    	Serbia
Korobushka            	Russia
Trip To Bravaria    	Scotland
Hambo (Styrman Karlson) Sweden
Maxwell's Rant          Scotland
Fife Ness            	Scotland
Trip to Bavaria         Scotland
Siriul                  Romania
Rumunjsko Kolo          Serbia
Sarajevka Kolo          Serbia
Jovano Jovanke          Macedonia
Tervelska Raka          Bulgaria
Be'er Basadeh           Israel
Harmonica           	Israel
Erev Ba                 Israel
Takanata            	Bulgaria
Sitna Zborenka          Bulgaria
Joc batranesc de la Niculitel    Romania


Don S