Hi Everyone,

This Monday, December 31st  ** New Years Eve ** we will dance at our usual stomping grounds, the Salvation Army Gym,
beginning at 7pm.  We can be there to welcome in 2008 at Midnight!  (The year of our TENTH ANNIVERSARY by the way,
March) Also, we will dance next Saturday, January 5th, as usual

Thank you Lauren for hosting a great party!  17 people fit around a long dinning room table with an adjacent table.
Then when Sam and Ruth arrived it was 19. Delicious food, friendly conversation in a warm an cozy atmosphere.
After dinner we danced:

Povoz (Seta)            	Serbia
Andro (bagpipes)            	Brittany
Siriul                    	Romania
Zemer Atik                	Israel
Setnja                    	Serbia
Nama Lesnoto Medley            	Macedonia
Ne e Kemi Drenicën (Dance from Plav)    Montenegro
Pleskavac                	Serbia
Ajde Jano (rock 1)            	Serbia
Hashual                    	Israel
Ma Navu                    	Israel
Pinosavka                 	Serbia
Kostursko Oro                 	Macedonia
Djado mitjovata             	Bulgaria
Yankinata                	Bulgaria
Gori More                	Macedonia
Vranjanka (Belo Lence)          Serbia
Dance Of Ikaria                	Greek
Opinca                    	Romania
Sabrali Sa Se, Sabrali          Bulgaria
Skudrinka (Od Granka V Granka)  Macedonia
Hashual                    	Israel
Joc batranesc de la Niculitel   Romania
Bufc^ansko                	Macedonia
Dospatsko Oro                	Bulgaria
Twelfth Street Rag            	USA
Hora Mare Moldoveneasca         Romania
Plaka Hasapiko                	Greek
Ajde Jano                	Serbia
Rusi Kosi                	Bulgaria
Raca                    	Serbia

Attendees were

1.    Carolyn
2.    Connie
3.    Don
4.    Jackie
5.    Jon
6.    Karen
7.    Lanny
8.    Lauren
9.    Marvin
10.    Maryann
11.    Missy
12.    Rocksie
13.    Roger
14.    Rose
15.    Russ
16.    Ruth
17.    Sam
18.    Sharon
19.    And a young girl that came with Carolyn, Lanny and Rocksie, I’m sorry to have
forgotten her name