Greetings Folkdancers,

	Here's the dance list from our Flathead International Folkdancers gathering last Saturday Feb. 16 in
	Kalispell. It was a great session with a lot of participation. I'm also adding the dance list from
	Jan 5, since I'm not sure it went out while Rose & I were gone last month.

	Our group will not be meeting in Kalispell this Saturday Feb. 23 because many of us will be at Boulder
	Hot Springs for the annual Steam & Stomp dance rendezvous. The music and sound system are going, too,
	so that pretty much rules out dancing in Kalispell this week. We gather again on Saturday March 1, from 7
	to 10 pm, at the Salvation Army gym in Kalispell.  Easier warm-up dances and teaching are generally
	during the first half, and more advanced dancing follows.  All are welcome.

	Dances 2-16-08
	Kendime                    	Turkey
	Promoroaca                	Romania
	Dramskato (Dujni Mi Duini)    	Bulgaria
	Mori Odajo                	Macedonia
	Dance Of Ikaria                	Greek
	Kostursko Oro                	Macedonia
	Ajde Jano (fav)                	Serbia
	Gori More                	Macedonia
	Changerais-tu                	Brittany
	Siriul                     	Romania
	Baris Halayi                	Turkey
	Dance Above the Rainbow         Ireland
	Ve' David            		Israel
	Biserka                    	Serbia
	Birchot Havdalah        	Israel
	Trugnala Rumjana                Bulgaria
	Lalica                    	Bulgaria
	Bufcansko (Bufc^ansko)          Macedonia
	Pata Pata                	South Africa
	Pata Pata (fav)                	South Africa
	Be'er Basadeh                	Israel
	Mom Bar                    	Armenia
	Tervelska Raka                	Bulgaria
	Dance from Plav                	Montenegro
	Hora Mare                	Moldoveneasca   
	Korobushka                	Russia
	Ali Pasa            		Turkey
	U Sest 2             		Serbia
	Tervelska Tropanka        	Bulgaria
	Twelth Street Rag        	USA
	Opinca                    	Romania
	Erev Ba                   	Israel
	Megdansko Horo                	Bulgaria
	Preskacanka                	Bulgaria

	Dancers 2-16-08
	1.    Roger
	2.    Sharon
	3.    Russ
	4.    Missy
	5.    Don
	6.    Rose
	7.    Marvin
	8.    Jackie
	9.    Wendie
	10.    Kelly
	11.    Buck
	12.    Connie
	13.    Carolyn
	14.    Sam
	15.    Ruth
	16.    Lauren
	17.    Joe

	Don S