Greetings, Folkdancers!

Happy St. Patrick's Day! OK, so we were heavy on Bulgarian and Romanian dances this week. But then,
it's not every week that we're joined by new dancers from Bulgaria and Romania! Welcome to all our new

Here are the dances from last Saturday, and the dancers who took part. We meet again next Saturday, 7
to 10 pm, at the Salvation Army gym at the end of Bountiful Drive in Kalispell.

Also, Jackie is working on a new little handout that will soon be available at our dances, explaining the
basics of who we are, what we're about and how things work at the dances. Let her know if you have any ideas
or suggestions. 

Dances 3-15-08

Seta                    	Serbia
Kendime                    	Turkey
Ceresna                    	Macedonia
Gori More               	Macedonia
Dramskato                    	Bulgaria
Sabrali Sa Se, Sabrali          Bulgaria
Nevesto Carven Trendafil    	Bulgaria
Dance from Plav                	Montenegro
Mori Odajo                	Macedonia
Jiana                    	Romania
Djado mitjovata         	Bulgaria
Baris Halayi                	Turkey
Yovano Yovanke                	Bulgaria
Dajcovo Horo                	Bulgaria
Jove Malaj Mome                	Bulgaria
Dance Above the Rainbow         Ireland
Dance Of Ikaria                	Greek
Pravo                    	Bulgaria
Changerais-tu                	Brittany
Arap (Zajko Kokorajko)          Macedonia
Itele                    	Romania
Tino More                	Macedonia
Narino                    	Turkey
Vrni Se Vrni                	Macedonia
Cetvorno Sopsko Horo            Bulgaria
Pe Batute                 	Romania
Siriul                     	Romania
Tzadik Katamar 		        Israel
Lalica                    	Bulgaria
Promoroaca                	Romania
Trugnala Rumjana               	Bulgaria
vulpiuta            		Romania
Sitna Zborenka                	Bulgaria
Ma Navu		          	Israel


1.    Don
2.    Rose
3.    Russ
4.    Missy
5.    Roger
6.    Sharon
7.    Lauren
8.    Jackie
9.    Connie
10.    Carolyn
11.    Mihaela    from Romania
12.    Zhenya    from Bulgaria
13.    Windy
14.    Jon
15.    Beneta
16.    Joyce
17.    Kelly
18.     Ian   (future dancer)
19.    Ryan  (future dancer)