Greetings, Folkdancers!

Our March 29 dance marked the 10th anniversary of the Kalispell Flathead Valley International Folkdancers,
and we had 10 on hand to celebrate, along with lots of yummy treats. Thanks to all who brought them! Due to
some confusion, we were without our laptop with all the music, so the dance nearly ended before it
started. But Russ had a tape with some songs, Rose resurrected a tape from her car with our dance music
from June 11, 2005, and Marvin produced a tape from one of our 2002 dances from his pickup truck!  So
there was plenty of music, and lots of memories. It turned out that no one Saturday night had been at the
first folkdance (03.20.98) but several had started coming within the first year. So we reminisced a bit
about how each of us first got involved. And Marvin convened a group circle to keep the circle of
friendship unbroken.

We dance again on Saturday April 5 from 7 to 10 pm at the Salvation Army gym on Bountiful Drive in
Kalispell. Connie reminds us that we will have a couple of birthdays to celebrate this week.

Dances 03-29-08 (Tenth Anniversary)

Mi Go Zatvorille            	Macedonia   
Robin Ddiog                	Wales
Karagouna                	Greek       
Erev Ba                    	Israel
Harmonica                  	Israel
Gerakina                	Greek       
Rustemul                	Romania       
Zemer Atik                	Israel       
Itele                    	Romania       
Jove Malaj Mome                	Bulgaria   
Joc batranesc de la Niculitel   Romania       
Yankinata                	Bulgaria   
Svkrvino                	Macedonia   
Sharma Shiekh                	Israel       
Jiana                    	Romania   
Trind Polska                	Finland       
Sborinka            		Bulgaria   
Louky                    	Czech       
Hineh Ma Tov                	Israel       
Sestorka            		Serbia       
At Va'ani            		Israel
Skudrinka (Od Granka)           Macedonia   
Kostersko Oro                	Macedonia   
Sweet Girl                	Armenia



Don S