Hello Dancers,

No international folkdancing this Saturday April 12. Instead, the monthly Contra dance will be held at the
Salvation Army gym on Bountiful Drive in Kalispell. Contact Joe  for Contra dance
details  I haven't been making it to the Contra dances for a while and probably won't very soon, so I haven't
been getting the e-mails about them. Our International folkdancing resumes a week from Saturday on April 19
from 7 to 10 pm.

Here are the dances and dancers from our international dance gathering on April 5, where we celebrated
birthdays with Jackie & Roger. We were also joined by Jenna from Bozeman. Somehow the list of dancers didn't
get transferred to my flash drive, so Rose & I tried to reconstruct it from memory, with help from Connie.
Sorry for any errors or omissions.

Our Kalispell international folkdancing web site is temporarily off the web until we arrange for new
hosting of the site. It had been hosted by Flathead Valley Community College as a student project by
Roger, but the time clock has run out for that deal.  We hope it will be back up and running again soon.

Connie reports that she checked out the web site for the National Folk Festival, scheduled to be held in
Butte for the next three summers beginning this year July 11-13. Unfortunately, it looks like there won't
be much if anything in the way of international dancing. Connie was told there would be one venue with
some participatory dancing, maybe a contra dance or two. Perhaps Montana dancers can organize an ersatz
event if there's any interest.

Dances of 04-05-08

Siriul -long            	Romania     
Sborinka (Fayetteville ver)    	Bulgaria
Kostursko Oro 2            	Macedonia
Djado mitjovata         	Bulgaria
Dance Of Ikaria            	Greek
Dance Above the Rainbow        	Ireland
Potam Povam            		Serbia
Karagouna            		Greek
Gerakina            		Greek
Tervelska Raka            	Bulgaria
Alunelul--Gill            	Romania
Lugovonjka            		Russia
Mori Odajo            		Macedonia
Narino                		Turkey
Kendime                		Turkey
Dance from Plav            	Montenegro
Promoroaca            		Romania
Jiana                		Romania
Kulsko Horo            		Bulgaria
Rumelaj-good            	Romanian Gypsy
Bela Rada            		Bulgaria
Cetvorno Shopsko Horo        	Bulgaria
Arap (Zajko Kokorajko)        	Macedonia
Setnja                		Serbia
Sandansko Horo            	Bulgaria
Tino More           		Macedonia
Lakodalmi Tanc          	Hungary
Legnala Dana            	Macedonia
Horehronski Csardas        	Slovakia
Mom Bar                		Armenia
Takanata            		Bulgaria, Severnjasko
Kasapsko Oro            	Macedonia
T'Filati            		Israel
Siriul                 		Romania
Danec                		Bulgaria
Kopacka - Full            	Macedonia
Briul De La Fagaras		Romania
Dobrudjanska Reka        	Bulgaria
Ajde Jano (rock 1)        	Serbia


Mihaela & Ryan

Happy Dancing,

Don S