Saturday, May 10, will be the last monthly Contra dance until September. Joe advises that
they will be saying goodbye to long-time caller and Contra supporter Mark Mathews, who is moving to New
England. Mark will be calling, with music by the AM String Band, and Joe's hoping for a big turnout to
give Mark a nice farewell.

In my last report I noted some angst about international dance venues at the upcoming National
Folk Festival in Butte July 11-13. Since then I've heard from Eva in Butte and Cecelia in Bozeman. Both
say that planning for the event is well in hand, and it will have plenty to offer for everyone. I'm
definitely planning to be there.

DANCES OF 04-26-08

Lesnoto Oro            		Macedonia
Hora din Campie            	Romania
Hora Habik'a            	Israel
Ajde Jano kolo da igramo    	Serbia
Vlasko za pojas            	Serbia
Plaka Hasapiko             	Greece
Oseh Shaloam             	Israel
Ljaski                		Bulgaria
Cacak in 5               	Serbia
Narino                		Turkey
Hora Mare Moldoveneasca        	Romana
Baris Halayi            	Turkey
Megdansko Horo            	Bulgaria
Dance Above the Rainbow        	Ireland
Trip to Bavaria            	Scotland
Rumelaj-good            	Romanian Gypsy
Gori More            		Macedonia
Karamfil                     	Macedonia
Kostersko Oro            	Macedonia
Dance Of Ikaria            	Greece
Ada's Kujawiak #1        	Poland
Tervelska Raka            	Bulgaria
Rezijanka            		Slovenia
Tropanka (Holt's)        	Bulgaria
Macedonka            		Macedonia
Yankinata            		Bulgaria
Kritikos Syrtos           	Greece
Cadaneasca de la Macin        	Romania
T'Filati            		Israel
Heyamo                 		Turkey
Katushe Mome Katushe        	Macedonia
T'Astrin Ki Tou Fingeraki    	Greece
Opinca                		Romania
Schioapa            		Romania
Sitna Zborinka            	Bulgaria
Nama Lesnoto Medley       	Macedonia
Ma Navu                		Israel


1.    Russ
2.    Missy
3.    Roger
4.    Don
5.    Rose
6.    Marvin
7.    Maryann
8.    Jon
9.    Karen
10.   Connie