Greetings, Dancers!

The Kalispell International Folkdancers had 10 dancers and a lively night of nearly 40 dances Saturday May 17
on the first really warm evening of this spring-summer. We dance again May 24 from 7 to 10 p.m.
at the Salvation Army gym located a block south of the Kalispell hospital at the end of Bountiful Drive in
Kalispell. Visitors and new dancers always welcome.

Cecelia forwards word from Max that the National Folk Festival has announced a bunch of new performers.
Several look quite interesting. To see the new line-up, follow the link below:

"Especially noteworthy is Rodney Miller & Air Dance...," her message adds. "I can't help but think
that our accumulative efforts were part of this choice...."

DANCES OF 5-17-08

Dance Of Ikaria            	Greece
Gori More            		Macedonia
Dance Above the Rainbow        	Ireland
Ma Navu                		Israel
Ajde Jano             		Serbia
Mori Odajo            		Macedonia
Andro (bagpipes)        	Brittany
Changerais-tu            	Brittany
Promoroaca            		Romania
Dramskato (Dujni Mi Duini)    	Bulgaria
Belasicko Oro              	Macedonia
Siriul                 		Romania
Sitna Zborenka            	Bulgaria
Be'er Basadeh             	Israel
Pata Pata             		South Africa
Narino                		Turkey
Kritikos Syrtos            	Greece
Yolanda                		Colombian
Opinca                		Romania
Devojce, Devojce        	Macedonia
Takanata            		Bulgaria
Mom Bar                		Armenia
Oseh Shaloam             	Israel
Cobankat            		Albania
Le Laride            		Brittany
Gavotte d'Honneur        	Brittany
Cadaneasca de la Macin        	Romania
Gerakina            		Greece
Louky                		Czech
Alunelul de la Godinesti     	Romania
Dospatsko Horo            	Bulgaria
Maruntica de la Cajvana     	Romania
Debki                  		Bedouin
Megdansko Horo            	Bulgaria
Ljaski                		Bulgaria
Novo Zagorsko            	Bulgaria
Vayiven Uziyahu          	Israel
Joc batranesc de la Niculitel   Romania


1.    Don
2.    Rose
3.    Russ
4.    Missy
5.    Lauren
6.    Roger
7.    Jackie
8.    Marvin
9.    Jon
10.    Karen

Happy dancing,