Howdy Everyone!

Kalispell International Folkdancers will dance again this Saturday May 31 (tomorrow night) from 7 to 10 p.m. at our usual
haunt, the Salvation Army gym at the end of Bountiful Drive, a block south of the Kalispell Regional Medical Center.

It's time to start planning to attend the 2008 annual Stamp & Camp folkdance rendezvous in the fabulous Flathead Valley!
It will take place Saturday-Sunday June 28 & 29 (the last weekend in June). Free camping at Russ & Missy's place, or other
accommodations can be arranged. We have an extra bedroom plus camping space at our place south of Bigfork, 
and I'm sure others have extra room as well. Tentative plan is for dancing on Saturday afternoon and dance 
party Saturday night at the big roomy Salvation Army gym in Kalispell. Looks like the Saturday night 
potluck will be at Lauren's lovely home on Kalispell's east side, which will save an extra trip
up to the north valley.  Russ & Missy will again host the Sunday brunch and probably a bit of 
dancing at their place.  Detailed agenda and directions will follow when plans are finalized.

Sad news from Bill Bucher in Helena that our friend Sam Martinez has suffered some serious setbacks 
and is not doing well. Please remember him and Theresa and their son Joe in your thoughts and

05-24-08 DANCES

Sopska Kopanica        	Bulgaria   
Djado mitjovata         Bulgaria   
Lesnoto            	Macedonia   
Cobankat            	Albania   
Changerais-tu        	Brittany   
Gori More               Macedonia    
Ajde Jano kolo da igramo    Serbia   
Narino            	Turkey   
Kritikos Syrtos        	Greek   
Dospatsko Horo        	Bulgaria   
Setnja            	Serbia   
Sitno Malisevsko        Bulgaria   
Somogyi Karikazo        Hungary   
Tavilina            	Greece
Tino More               Macedonia   
U Sest 2             	Serbia   
Takanata            	Bulgaria   
Rumelaj-good        	Romanian Gypsy   
Pe Batute         	Romania   
Ivanice            	Macedonia   
Kasapsko Oro      	Macedonia   
Kostersko Oro        	Macedonia   
Jove Malaj Mome        	Bulgaria   
Tervelska Raka        	Bulgaria   
Sweet Girl (Sirun Ahchik)     Armenia   
Miserlou          	Israel   
Miserlou --Gill        	Greece   
Kol Dodi            	Israel   
Jacob's Ladder         	Israel   

1.    Russ
2.    Jackie
3.    Lauren
4.    Rose
5.    Don
6.    Karen
7.    Jon
8.    Lorna & Tim stopped to watch for a bit

Happy dancing,