Howdy Friends,

Great news from the Flathead International Folkdancers, and I'm a bit tardy in reporting it. 
Roger and Sharon have announced their engagement! We will pass on more details as they become available.

Don't forget the annual Stamp & Camp international gathering Saturday-Sunday 
June 28-29 here in the Flathead Valley. Planning details are still being worked out, 
but put it on your calendar.

And then we can look forward to the National Folk Festival in Butte July 11-13. 

Last Saturday our Kalispell group welcomed Karin, a new dancer to our group. We will 
dance again Saturday June 7 (tomorrow night) from 7 to 10 p.m. at the Salvation Army 
gym at the end of Bountiful Drive, a block south of the Kalispell Regional Medical Center. 
Visitors and new dancers are always welcome.

DANCES OF 5-31-08

Sopska Kopanica  	Bulgaria
Gankino Horo (3) 	Macedonia
Heyamo    		Turkey
Dance Of Ikaria  	Greece
Mori Odajo  		Macedonia
Siriul -long  		Romania     
Hora din Campie  	Romania
Kendime   		Turkey
Ma Navu   		Israel
Setnja   		Serbia
Orijent   		Serbia
Lakodalmi Tanc  	Hungary
Somogyi Karikazo  	Hungary
Trei Pazeste  		Romania
Cotton Eyed Joe  	USA
Kostursko Oro  		Macedonia
Sweet Girl  		Armenia
Gerakina   		Greece
Trugnala Rumjana   	Bulgaria
Hora Agadati  		Israel
St. Bernard's Waltz 	England
Nebesko   		Serbia
U Sest 1   		Serbia
Ada's Kujawiak #1  	Poland
Sabrali sa se, sabrali 	Bulgaria
Narino   		Turkey
Staro Pomasko  		Bulgaria
Stiga Mi Sa Momne Le 	Bulgaria
Dance Above the Rainbow Ireland
Gori More  		Macedonia
Dvasti Tristi  		Bulgaria
Vrni Se Vrni  		Macedonia
Godecki Cacak  		Serbia
T'Filati    		Israel
Sedi Donka   		Bulgaria
Cobankat   		Albania
Ljaski   		Bulgaria
Pidhichtos Banas  	North Thrace
Nama Lesnoto Medley 	Macedonia


DANCERS 5-31-08
1. Russ
2. Missy
3. Lauren
4. Roger
5. Sharon
6. Jackie
7. Connie
8. Karin
9. Don
10. Rose


Happy Dancing,