Howdy Folkdancers,

International folkdancers from throughout Montana and beyond are invited to spend this weekend June 28-29 in Kalispell
and the Flathead Valley for the fifth annual (by my reckoning) summer Stamp and Camp, hosted by the Flathead
International Folkdancers and by event organizers Russ and Missy.
Dancing begins around noon Saturday at the Salvation Army gym at 110 Bountiful Drive, a block south of the Kalispell 
Regional Medical Center on Kalispell's north side. Later in the afternoon, campers will set up at the Conn spread, 
between Columbia Falls and Whitefish.

A Saturday night potluck dinner will be hosted by Marvin Black at his home, Sunday morning Russ and Missy will host
breakfast, socializing and more dancing at their home. Missy will prepare an oven breakfast dish and encourages
others to bring fruit or juices, etc.

To reach the Salvation Army gym from central Kalispell at Main and Idaho (US 2 and 93), head north on Hwy 93 about
10 blocks to the second traffic light (Conway Drive). Turn right on Conway and in two blocks turn right on
Claremont. Then turn left after a long block onto Bountiful Drive. Church and gym are at the end of the street.

DANCES 06-21-08

Mori Odajo  		Macedonia
Ajde Jano  		Serbia
Djado mitjovata   	Bulgaria
Dance Of Ikaria  	Greece
Gori More  		Macedonia
Dance Above the Rainbow Ireland
Ma Navu   		Israel
Andro (bagpipes)  	Brittany
Promoroaca  		Romania
Dramskato (Dujni Mi Duini) Bulgaria
St. Bernard's Waltz 	England
Changerais-tu  		Brittany
Heyamo    		Turkey
Raca   			Serbia
Picking up Sticks  	England
Ceresna   		Macedonia
Trip to Bavaria  	Scotland
T'Filati   		Israel
Horehronski Csardas 	Slovakia
Cobankat   		Albania
Oseh Shaloam   		Israel
Narino   		Turkey
Jacob's Ladder   	Israel
Rumelaj-good  		Romanian Gypsy
Rusi Kosi  		Bulgaria
Kostursko Oro 2  	Macedonia

DANCERS 06-21-08
1. Russ
2. Sharon
3. Roger
4. Jackie
5. Missy
6. Rose
7. Don
8. Marvin
9. Cris
10. Rebecca and little Dyson

Happy dancing,