Howdy Dancers,

Here's a slightly belated summary of our last two dance sessions. The Kalispell International Folkdancers gathered July 5 and 19 but 
skipped July 12 as several had conflicts or were going to the National Folk Festival in Butte. The festival was a blast. 
Thanks again to Max & Eva for hosting a wonderful breakfast on Sunday. Butte hosts the festival again in 2009 and 2010, 
and it's well worth attending -- although they could use more dancing and dance space, if you ask me. There's a link for comments below.


Last week Roger taught Hora ca la Caval and we did 22 dances before ending a little early due to the warm night and general 
summer somnolence.  Our Kalispell group will dance again this Saturday July 26, 2008, from 7 to 10 pm at the Salvation Army 
church gym at 110 Bountiful Drive, Kalispell MT 59901.


Jon reports he is mending nicely from his hip tune-up early this month. He's still on crutches but was hoping to be down 
to one crutch this week and dancing again in a couple of months. 
Here's to his speedy and trouble-free recovery!


Cecelia has sent the following schedule of upcoming state events, along with photo links and other info:

August 2008 Events
*Red Lodge Festival of Nations    August 2-3
dance invitation from Marilee Duncan at end of this e-mail


*An Ri Ra Irish Festival in Butte   August 8-9-10


Summer 2008 Photos
*Stamp & Camp photos, thanks to Joe Fisher of Kalispell
Click on a picture and look at it, then click on close.  OR,
for a slideshow. click on a picture,  then move the cursor to the upper
right and click on Next.,%202008/

*National Folk Festival, Butte scenes
Click on "Daily Photo Archive"and then July 14, 13, or 12
Click on "Slide shows" and then "Folk Festival Highlights"
Click on "videos" and then  "Performers wow crowds..."

To give comments about the festival:

*From Marilee Duncan of the Billings Folk Dancers:
I am busy organizing the All Nations program for Friday night of the Festival of Nations. Our program last year was a huge success. We have each of the original 8 nationalities who settled in the area put on 2-3 of its best dances. (Yugoslavia, Italy, Finland, Scandinavia, Scotland, England, Ireland, Germany).

My international group will be dancing Balkan/Slavic and Italian. We might do Finnish as well....our program is inside in our Civic Center.

As you talk to people please let them know all are welcome to come join us to dance on Friday night and then relax and enjoy the music throughout the weekend. I will send out a dance list, instructions, and music to anyone who wants to come.  Have them contact me!

Dances 07-19-08

Hora ca la Caval	Romania
Narino   		Turkey
Siriul   		Romania     
Dance Of Ikaria  	Greece
Takanata   		Bulgaria
Heyamo    		Turkey
Gankino Horo  		Bulgaria
Mori Odajo  		Macedonia
Sharma Shiekh  		Israel
Kuma Echa  		Israel
Raca   			Serbia
Seta   			Serbia
Gori More  		Macedonia
Orijent  		Serbia
Tervelska Raka  	Bulgaria
Tervelska Tropanka  	Bulgaria
Danec   		Bulgaria
Dance Above the Rainbow Ireland
Lugovonjka  		Russia
Sitna Zborenka  	Bulgaria
Mom Bar   		Armenia
Opinca   		Romania