Greetings Folkdancers,
Here are our dancelists from the past two Saturdays. We dance again Saturday 08-09-08 (tonight) from 7 to 10 p.m. at
the Salvation Army gym in Kalispell, 110 Bountiful Drive.
Last Saturday Jon rejoined us, recuperating from hip surgery in early July. He danced quite a few dances, assisted
with a cane, so he's definitely healing quickly. Good to have him back.
Due to the long summer days, many of us have been rolling in to folkdancing a half hour to an hour late, which is a
bit rude to Russ, who arrives at 7 and waits to see if anyone is coming.  Thus there is a motion on the table to
push our starting time back to 7:30 or 8 p.m. for at least the rest of the summer.  Comments? Opinions? We'll 
probably decide at tonight's gathering.
Cecelia sends the following statewide announcements:
Saturday, September 6th 1-9:30 pm
Scottish, International, Turning Dances, and Contras throughout the day, with a potluck dinner and a place for those
who want to stay overnight. Located at 678 Flathead Creek Rd.( Hwy 86) right on the line between Gallatin and Park

I think the musician line-up will be pretty similar to last year, but this time we'll get to celebrate with Ken and
Margaret Emerson and delight in their years of dancing together.  More news to follow- but I wanted you all to get
this on your calenders.  P.S. There was a nice article on the Emerson's in the Bozeman Daily Chronicle on Monday,
July 28th, page A3.
Additional events forthcoming, with details to follow:
*Bear Hug Contra Dance Camp Sept 12-14
Flathead Lake, Rollins area
*Bozeman Contra Dance Sept 27th
*Next year’s National Folk Festival in Butte July 10-12, 2009, which precedes the International Choral Festival in
Missoula July 15-19, 2009 (Choral festival held every 3 years.)
DANCES 08-02-08

Ceresna   		Macedonia 
Bufcansko		Macedonia 
Dedo Mili Dedo  	Yugoslavia 
Dospatsko Horo  	Bulgaria 
Erev Ba   		Israel 
Tervelska Raka  	Bulgaria 
Tervelska Tropanka  	Bulgaria 
Cimpoi   		Romanian Gypsy 
Orijent                 Serbia 
Pomasko Sirto  		Bulgaria 
Narino   		Turkey 
Takanata   		Bulgaria, Severnjasko 
Dobrudzanska Raka 	Bulgaria 
Gori More  		Macedonia  
Ma Navu			Israel 
Shiboleth Basadeh  	Israel 
Sarajevka  		Serbia 
Tzadik Katamar		Israel 
Sedi Donka   		Bulgaria 
Plaka Hasapiko   	Greece 

Happy dancing!
Don S