Howdy Dancers!
Here's the dance playlist from the Kalispell International Folkdancers session on Saturday 08-09-08. After not much
discussion, we decided to continue meeting from 7 to 10 p.m. on Saturdays for the rest of this summer and maybe
consider a different (later or shorter) summer schedule next year. 
So we meet again 7 to 10 pm this Saturday 08-16-08 at the Salvation Army Gym, 110 Bountiful Drive in Kalispell.
Our web page is supposed to be back up and running soon, but I didn't find it yet when I searched for it tonight.
Will send everyone a link as soon as it appears.
Exciting news from the Calgary group. Roger forwarded the following note from Ann Kyle, dated Wednesday, August 13.
"Hi All, We are negotiating with Yves Moreau for a workshop in Calgary in April 2009. I just want to check with
all of you to make sure that it won't conflict with anything that you might have planned and to ask which weekends
would be best for you. We won't hold it on the Easter weekend. Happy Dancing, Ann"
If it happens, that's a workshop I won't miss!
DANCES 08-09-08

Shto Mi E Milo I Drago 	Bulgaria
Mori Odajo  		Macedonia
Siriul    		Romania
Kriva Kruska  		Serbia
Ma Navu   		Israel
Kendime   		Turkey
Promoroaca  		Romania
Dramskato (Dujni Mi Duini) Bulgaria
Mayim   		Israel
Orijent                 Serbia
Pomasko Sirto  		Bulgaria
U Sest 2    		Serbia
Dobrudzanska Raka 	Bulgaria
Narino   		Turkey
Sila Kale Bal  		Serbian Gypsy
Ljaski   		Bulgaria
Dance Of Ikaria  	Greece
Megdansko Horo  	Bulgaria
Hambo Styrman Karlson's Sweden
Levi Jackson Rag  	USA
Sedi Donka   		Bulgaria
Siriul    		Romania
Hora ca la Caval	Romania
Harmonica   		Israel
Takanata   		Bulgaria, Severnjasko
Satovcensko Horo  	Bulgaria
Bavno Oro  		Macedonia
Gori More  		Macedonia
Dedo mili dedo  	Macedonia
Tervelska Raka  	Bulgaria
Tervelska Tropanka  	Bulgaria
Tamzara   		Armenia
Mom Bar   		Armenia
Djado Mitjovata   	Bulgaria

1. Russ
2. Roger
3. Sharon
4. Don
5. Rose
6. Marianne
7. Sam
8. Ruth
9. Connie  Happy Birthday
10. Marvin
11. Missy

Dance on, everyone,
Don S