Howdy Dancers!

Our Flathead International Folkdancers had a good vigorous session last Saturday, with lots of good teaching and review for
all, including new dancers Joe from the local area and visitors Bill and Jean from Buffalo, Wyoming. We meet again this
Saturday Sept. 27, from 7 to 10 p.m., at the Salvation Army gym, 110 Bountiful Drive, Kalispell.
No further word on the Contra schedule for this winter. I have sent a couple of e-mail addresses to Joe Fisher for folks
who want to keep informed. If you're not on the Contra e-mail list, you might want to contact Joe directly:
joe58 AT centurytel DOT net to get on it.
Cecelia in Bozeman sends the following calendar of dance events around the state:

Sept. 27
Contra Dance at the MSU Sub Ballroom, Bozeman

Sept. 27th in Butte
Our little folk dance group will dance outdoors in Uptown Butte at the last Farmers' Market at 11:00 a.m. It's a nice 
informal performance, where audience members join as they wish. We have 17 mostly easy dances picked out and can do
requests if they are on our CD. We'll dance in cold, snow or light rain. (We're in Montana!), but will cancel in case of
heavy rain. We've gone out for lunch afterward the last couple of years and could do that again. We invite you to join
us- Eva and Max

Sept 30
Starts weekly Tuesday dances at the MSU SOB Barn, on W. Garfield behind the high rise dorms
7 p.m. International Folk Dance
7:45 p.m. Scottish Country Dancing
The floor has been slippery – so you may want to bring “no skid” shoes as well as leather soled shoes.

Saturday Oct 4th
Irish Ceilidh in Bozeman

Missoula News
Mike and Susan are still planning for a Fall gathering of dancers pending a facility and date that works. It will likely
be mid-to-late October or early November. If folks want to email Mike as to Oct/Nov dates-to-avoid because of other
significant events regarding their local dance community, please do so. Mike's email is Susan and
Mike will do their best to work around significant conflicts.

Lost and found: a large mesh ball for tea, found at Hallie's barn.

Future Events
*Steam and Stomp in Boulder, last weekend in February
*Calgary folks are negotiating with Yves Moreau for a workshop in April
2009. They won't hold it on Easter weekend.
*Memorial Day Weekend for Folklife Festival in Seattle
*Stamp and Camp in Kalispell, usually the last weekend in June
*National Folk Festival in Butte July 10-12, 2009
*Marilee in Billings says: I'm working with the Red Lodge Italian Girls Victory Club (a very old and well-respected
organization, believe it or not!) about hosting a full weekend Italian event, bringing Celeste and Marie back, plus the
rest of their band. It won't be til next spring or summer.


Seta                        	Serbia 
Kendime                     	Turkey 
Biserka                       	Serbia 
Zemer Atik                     	Israel 
Juice of Barley                	England 
Changerais-tu                  	Brittany 
Mori Odajo                      Macedonia 
Dance from Plav                 Montenegro 
Djado mitjovata                 Bulgaria 
Ajde Jano                       Serbia 
Jiana                           Romania 
Mayim                           Israel 
Ma Navu                         Israel 
Siriul                          Romania 
La Vieille Bastringue           Canada 
La Bastringue                   France 
Ve David                        Israel 
Levi Jackson Rag               	USA 
Sparf Fars Polska (Hambo) 	Sweden 
Robin Ddiog                     Wales 
Harmonica                       Israel 
Harmonica                       Israel 
T'Filati                        Israel

1. Don
2. Rose
3. Bill
4. Jean
5. Roger
6. Russ
7. Missy
8. Joe
9. Joe
10. Sam
11. Ruth

Happy dancing!
Don S