Howdy, Folkdancers!

Our Kalispell/Flathead International Folkdancers have had a couple of rousing sessions in the past two weeks. Playlists are
at the end. Thanks to Russ and Missy for the yummy strawberry-rhubarb pie two weeks ago. Thanks to everyone who brought
goodies last Saturday as we said "hi and goodbye" to Lauren, who is off to Frankfurt, Paris and Italy for a two-month tour
of duty. Rough duty, eh? We also welcomed back Larissa, who can still show us how to dance Danec, and a lot of other dances.
We dance again this Saturday Oct. 11 from 7 to 10 p.m. at the Salvation Army gym in Kalispell, 110 Bountiful Drive.
The winter Contra Dance schedule for Kalispell is still on hold. Here's an update from Joe:
For the local contra scene, there really isn't anything to say. We're still looking at ways to make it work, but haven't
had any luck so far.  Upcoming dance camps...if you have never gone to a dance camp, it is a *fantastic* way to improve
your dancing, have fun, meet people, and so on and so on.

Wintergreen Contra Dance weekend in Bozeman. January 23-25, 2009 Presented by the Bozeman Folklore Society,

Dance in the Desert, Contra Dance Camp near Tuscon, AZ. Nov. 7th-9th Presented by Tuscon Friends of Traditional Music
info at

Fall Folk Festival in Spokane, Nov 8th-9th, 2008Spokane's annual celebration of cultural diversity through traditional
music, dance, and art Sponsored by the Spkane Folklore Organization,

Finally, an invitation to come to International folk dancing, every Saturday night at the Salvation Army Church in
Kalispell from 7-10pm If you have a dancing itch that you really want to scratch, come on over! Dances range from easy
to difficult, most dances are taught. No partner is needed. Joe
Here's some news from Mike and Susan regarding the annual fall Missoula international folkdance gathering:

To our folk dance family and extended folk dance family  – Susan and I reviewed the many event conflicts in Missoula
and surrounds. It looks like the weekend of November 8th\9th is our best (only) opportunity for a weekend of
international dancing that does not have major conflicts.  Please pass the word among your fellow dancers. Susan
and I will put together a flyer with details and get that out  as soon as we have the details, but for now consider
it a noon Saturday to noon Sunday event.  We are looking at a trying out the new Downtown Dance Cooperative
facility in downtown Missoula for  this event.  We know not everyone will be able to make it; but we hope for the
best. We will share in dancing and community with those that can make it, and include all those that cannot make it
in our thoughts with the hope they will be carried along in the dancing wherever they might be.  All that brain energy
has to have some affect on the world!
Mike (and Susan)
And here's an update from Cecelia in Bozeman regarding other dance events
around the state:
In Bozeman,
Beginning September 30th
* International Folk Dancing  --  Tuesdays 7 p.m.
* Scottish Country Dancing   --  Tuesdays 7:45 p.m.
SOB Barn at MSU - the grey barn between high rise dorms and family housing. Partners are not required and all dances are
taught or reviewed. There's no charge, but donations are welcome. Bring clean, soft-soled shoes if possible, though the
floor can be slick, so consider bringing your "sticky" shoes.

Saturday, October 4th
*Ceilidh - with live Celtic music, dance and great food!
7-10 p.m. at the Labor Temple, 421 E Mendenhall, across from Hawthorne School
Suggested donation is $3.00 or $10.00 for family, and/or a favorite dessert
For more information: fiddlehill AT yahoo DOT com

Missoula Dancing
*International Folk Dance weekend
November 8th-9th
details to follow

Boulder Hot Springs
*Steam and Stomp will be February 21st and 22nd
(that's the last fully Februarian weekend)
Finally, we are still awaiting word on whether the Calgary group will be able to host an April workshop with Yves Moreau.
We're ready to go, if they do, and will keep you updated as the plans develop.
DANCES 10-04-08

Seta      		Serbia
Kendime     		Turkey
Heyamo     		Turkey
Djado mitjovata     	Bulgaria
Siriul     		Romania
Changerais-tu     	Brittany
Promoroaca     		Romania
Mori Odajo     		Macedonia
Hora ca la Caval     	Romania
Od Lo Ahavti Dai     	Israel
Narino     		Turkey
Baris Halayi     	Turkey
Savila Se Bela Loza     Serbia
Trind Polska     	Finland
Opinca     		Romania
Gori More     		Macedonia
Ljaski     		Bulgaria
Lakodalmi Tanc     	Hungary
Dance Of Ikaria     	Greece
Seljanica Kolo     	Croatia
Danec     		Bulgaria
Zorba     		Greece
Dance Above the Rainbow Ireland
Rondeau de Garein     	France
Jacob's Ladder (Sulam Yaakov)     Israel
Bar     		Armenia
Be'er Basadeh     	Israel
Bufcansko     		Macedonia
Sirba Din Cimpoi     	Romania
Changerais-tu     	Brittany
Sitna Zborenka     	Bulgaria
Ne e Kemi Drenicën (Dance from Plav)     Montenegro
Tamzara     		Armenia
Ajde Jano     		Serbia
Tervelska Tropanka     	Bulgaria
Tervelska Raka     	Bulgaria
Siriul     		Romania
Barsgeren yeghanag     	Armenia
Teen     		Armenia
Bavno Oro    		Macedonia
Yovano Yovanke     	Bulgaria
Dedo mili dedo    	Macedonia

1. Lauren 
2. Russ
3. Missy
4. Jackie Z
5. Roger
6. Sharon
7. Jon
8. Karen
9. Larissa
10. Carolyn
11. Don
12. Rose
13. Joe
14. Connie
15. Jackie V