Howdy Dancers,
International folkdancing tonight, Saturday Dec. 6, 2008, at our usual venue, the Salvation Army gym in Kalispell at 110 
Bountiful Drive. We'll be celebrating Russ'  birthday (a little late -- it was Tuesday), so bring a treat if you're so 
inclined and warm up your singing voice.

Jackie V. sends word that she fell and hurt her hip so will be unable to dance for a bit. We wish her a speedy recovery.

Two Saturdays from now, on Dec. 20, the Salvation Army takes over the gym for their annual Christmas function, so we are 
without that venue. We are also comtemplating a Christmas dance party. Roger has suggested a couple of options. He can 
host a dance at Lauren's house on Saturday Dec. 20 (Lauren will be back but can't join us that night) and/or we can 
have a holiday dance party at Lauren's on Friday Dec. 19, when she can take part, or both of the above, or perhaps 
others will have different ideas. So we will likely discuss the options this week.

Roger reports news that the Calgary group has indeed arranged to host a workshop with Yves Moreau, famed teacher of 
Bulgarian dances, April 3-5. Cost and other details are not yet available, but I for one have always wanted to do 
a workshop with him and will definitely be taking part unless calamity strikes. I suspect many others will as well.
Bart and Cecelia in Bozeman had been contemplating a workshop with Daniela Ivanova around the same time but have 
decided to table that idea in light of the Calgary workshop. Too bad, because Ivanova is apparently scheduled to 
return to Bulgaria from Portland in April.

Cecelia sends the following update for future state events:
Jan 2nd or 3rd Farewell party and dance for Angela (who is returning to Moldova), in Bozeman
Jan 23-25 Wintergreen Contra Dance Weekend in Bozeman
Feb 21-22 Steam and Stomp International Folk Dance weekend at Boulder Hot Springs, near Helena.
April 3-5 Yves Moreau workshop in Calgary

Web site for Kalispell International Folk Dancers is

Zemer Atik 			Israel
Mayim				Israel
Dance from Plav 		Montenegro
Jiana 				Romania
Savila Se Bela Loza 		Serbia
Changerais-tu 			Brittany
Hora ca la Caval -cimbalom 	Romania
Milanovo Kolo 			Serbia
Dance Above the Rainbow 	Ireland
Gori More 			Macedonia
Ciuleandra 			Romania
Salty Dog Rag 			USA
Mayim				Israel
Dance Of Ikaria 		Greek
Harmonica 			Israel
Djado mitjovata  		Bulgaria
Eide Ratas  			Estonia
Teen 				Armenia
Gavotte d'Honner 		Brittany
Arap (Zajko Kokorajko) 		Macedonia
Karapyet   			Russia
Erev Ba 			Israel
Hambo, Styrman Karlson's	Sweden
Postie's Jig 			Scotland
Kostersko Oro 			Macedonia
Levi Jackson Rag 		USA
Mairi's Wedding  		Scotland
U Sest 2 			Serbia
Pidhichtos Banas 		North Thrace
Narino 				Turkey
Zorba 				Greek
Bregovsko Horo 			Bulgaria
Godecki Cacak  (dgru) 		Serbia
Cacak in 5    			Serbia
Drmes iz Zdencina 		Croatia
Joc batranesc de la Niculitel 	Romania

1. Ruth
2. Sam
3. Roger
4. Russ
5. Kathy
6. Eric
7. Myah
8. Rebecca
9. Annica
10. Will
11. Jon
12. Karen
13. Missy
14. Marvin
15. Connie