Howdy Dancers,
So the word from Roger is that we party this Friday Dec.19 at Lauren's home in Kalispell, starting around 6 p.m. with
food served around 7 p.m. and dancing to follow. It's a potluck, so bring a favorite dish (international fare always
encouraged), favorite beverage and maybe even some utensils to help out. Welcome home, Lauren, and thanks for hosting!
We will not dance on Saturday, since our usual venue at the Salvation Army gym will be in use by the Salvation Army
for their annual holiday gathering. 
Here are the dances and dancers from Dec. 6. Rose and I had to miss last Saturday's dance due to the winter storm
south of Bigfork, but will get caught up on the playlists next week.
DANCES OF 12-06-08

Dance Of Ikaria  	Greek 
Bavno Oro    		Macedonia 
Narino   		Turkey 
Pleskavac  		Serbia 
Zorba   		Greece 
Pe Batute   		Romania 
Mori Odajo  		Macedonia 
Kritikos Syrtos  	Greece 
Syrto '85    		Greece 
Le Laride   		Brittany 
Gocino Kolo  		Serbia 
Sapri Tama--  		Israel 
Pinosavka  		Serbia 
Alunelul de la Urzica 	Romania 
Serbianka  		Serbia 
Ali Pasha  		Turkey 
Bufcansko (Bufc^ansko) 	Macedonia 
Be'er Basadeh   	Israel 
Pata Pata 	  	South Africa 
Gavotte d'Honner    	Brittany 
Ajde Jano		Serbia 
Postie's Jig  		Scotland 
Horehronsky Czardas 	Czech 
Levi Jackson Rag  	USA 
Reel of the Royal Scots Scotland 
Sestorka	  	Serbia 
Ma Na Vu  		Israel 
Gori More  		Macedonia  
Heyamo    		Turkey 
Seta   			Serbia 
Tervelska Raka  	Bulgaria 
Tervelska Tropanka  	Bulgaria 
Harmonica    		Israel 
Joc Batranesc de la Niculitel Romania 


1. Russ
2. Roger
3. Marvin
4. Don
5. Rose
6. Jackie
7. Jon
8. Sam
9. Ruth
10. Connie
Happy Holidays!