Happy 2009!

        The Kalispell International Folkdancers had a very mellow holiday gathering
        at Lauren's home and two regular Saturday dances during the holidays.
        Playlists follow below. We dance again next Saturday, Jan. 10, from 7 to 10 pm,
        at the Salvation Army gym, two blocks south of the hospital at 110 Bountiful Drive.

        From Helena, Bill has announced the 2009 Steam & Stomp Feb. 21 & 22 at
        Boulder Hot Springs. Schedule and details are attached as a pdf. Note
        in particular that we make our own reservations directly with the resort
        this year. Accommodations are limited, so reserve your spot early.

        Have you missed Kalispell Contra dancing? Joe Fisher reports that an
        organizational meeting will be held on Saturday, January 17th, 2009,
        at 7pm at his home in Kalispell (directions below) to bring monthly
        contra dancing back to the Flathead.

        We need enthusiastic, concerned people who are committed to contra
        dancing, Joe writes. If that describes you, be there!  The purpose of this
        first meeting is to choose officers. We need to become a viable organization.
        In particular we are looking for someone in finance or management to act
        as a treasurer. If you know anyone who would be interested, please invite
        them! Again, if you want contra to return to the flathead, become involved!

        By the way, Joe spent the holidays recuperating from minor foot surgery.
        We wish him a speedy return to the dance floor!

        If these emails have been a bit sporadic, it's because my computer has
        been balky and is apparently near death, even though it's barely two years
        old and a mere infant. So bear with me in case it crashes and burns.

        DANCES 01-03-09

        Setnja          	Serbia
        Nebesko Kolo    	Croatia
        Ali Pasha       	Turkey
        Innherredspols  	Sweden
        Robin Ddiog     	Wales
        T'Filati        	Israel
        Jiana           	Romania
        Djado mitjovata   	Bulgaria
        Siriul          	Romania
        Birchot Havdalah  	Israel
        Dodi Li         	Israel
        Levi Jackson Rag  	USA
        Gori More       	Macedonia
        Pomasko Sirto   	Bulgaria
        Posties Jig2    	Scotland
        Hashual         	Israel
        Zorba           	Greek
        Nabrala         	Croatia
        Narino          	Turkey
        Maxwell's Rant  	Scotland
        Pe Batute       	Romania
        Gavotte d'Honneur  	Brittany
        Be'er Basadeh   	Israel
        Louky           	Czech
        Ceresnicky      	Czech
        Horehronsky Czardas 	Czech
        Erev Ba         	Israel
        Tervelska Raka  	Bulgaria
        Kor Czardas     	Hungary
        Hora ca la Caval   	Romania

        DANCERS 01-03-09
        Jackie Z

        Happy dancing!