Hello Dancers,

        A Kalispell Contra dance had been tentatively planned for this coming
        Saturday March 14, in place of International dancing, but it turns out that the
        Contra organizers were unable to arrange for a band and caller on that date.
        So the Kalispell International Folkdancers will meet and dance again this
        Saturday, from 7 to 10 p.m., at the Salvation Army gym, 110 Bountiful Drive.

        The next date for a Contra dance will be April 18 or 25. We had asked the
        Contra dancers to consider April 4, when international dancing will not take
        place because of the Yves Moreau workshop in Calgary. But it turns out that
        the Salvation Army has other plans for the gym on that date. And Joe points
        out that April 4 also falls during spring break for the schools, so many
        people may have other plans for that weekend as well.

        Our inspirational senior dancer and lead prankster Marvin Black has suffered
        a couple of mild strokes, including one last week that put him in hospital
        over the weekend. He was reportedly in good spirits and had escaped any
        lasting harm, so he was released this week. We danced in his honor on
        Saturday, to send him our good wishes and positive energy. Hope he'll be
        back on the dance floor real soon.

        DANCES 03-07-09

        1  Na'ama--                        Israel
        2  Ajd' Noga Za Nagama             Croatia
        3  Srbijanka                       Serbia
        4  St. George of Skyros            Greece
        5  Donat                           Turkey
        6  Valle Nuseve Nga Korca          Albania
        7  Sakarsko horo                   Bulgaria
        8  Bojerka                         Serbia
        9  Hora ca la Caval -cimbalom      Romania
        10 Gocino Kolo                     Serbia
        11 Kritikos Syrtos                 Greece
        12 Sto Mi E Milo                   Macedonia
        13 Dance Above the Rainbow         Ireland
        14 Danec                           Bulgaria
        15 Dodi Li                         Israel
        16 Kol Dodi                        Israel
        17 Hills of Connemara              Gaelic
        18 Dance Of Ikaria                 Greece
        19 Oseh Shaloam                    Israel
        20 Ma Navu-Ofra Fuchs              Israel
        21 Ballos - Psarapoula (syrtos)    Greece
        22 Od Lo Ahavti Dai                Israel
        23 Sylivrianos Syrtos              Greece
        24 Gori More                       Macedonia
        25 Croatian Waltz                  Croatia
        26 Maître De La Maison             France
        27 Tervelska Raka                  Bulgaria
        28 Na'ama--                        Israel
        29 Narino                          Turkey
        30 Jove Malaj Mome                 Bulgaria
        31 Bavno Oro                       Macedonia
        32 Godecki Cacak  (dgru)           Serbia
        33 Ajde Jano (Klezmer Narodna)     Serbia
        34 Ajde Lepa Maro                  Serbia
        35 Takanata                        Bulgaria
        36 Tavilina                        Greece

        DANCERS 03-07-09

        1  Don
        2  Rose
        3  Larissa
        4  Jackie
        5  Russ
        6  Missy
        7  Jon
        8  Roger
        9  Sharon
        10 Cris & son Dyson
        11 PJ
        12 Connie

        Happy dancing,