Hello Dancers,

        The Kalispell International Folkdancers had a good workout last weekend
        with several dances that we haven't done for a while. List of dances &
        dancers are at the end. We meet again this Saturday March 28, from 7 to
        10 p.m. at the Salvation Army gym in Kalispell, 110 Bountiful Drive.

        Kathy N. and others are organizing a Whitefish community dance this
        Friday night. Kathy sent the following info:
        To interested Flathead Dancers:
	Many of you have attended Kalispell Contradances in the past.  We have put
        a committee together trying to start those up again, but in the mean time
        consider coming to this event this Friday in Whitefish:
        Combination Contradance, Folkdance, and Circle Mixers
	Friday  March 27
         6:30 to 8:30 (or 9?)  PM
        Whitefish Senior Center
        121 West 2nd street in Whitefish
	The first half hour will be very family-friendly with simple folk dances, and
        dancing mixers appropriate for all age levels.
        The rest of the evening will include mixers, contradances, waltzes (and a few
        more folk dances ?) with live music.
	Bring a donation of $2 per person or $5 per family if you can, to cover rental
        of the facility.
	Bring some snack to share if you wish.
        For more information and anyone who might have sound equipment we can
        borrow, (microphone and speaker for caller and fiddlers),
        please call Kathy

	A couple of alert readers pointed out that when I mentioned our two young
        dancers from two weeks ago, I identified them as Karen's grandchildren but
        inadvertantly dropped Jon's name -- when they are in fact his actual
        grandchildren. Thanks for the correction.(Correction has been made)

        We have birthdays coming up. Connie suggests that we celebrate Jackie
        Z's this Saturday and Roger's on April 11, when Sharon can
        take part.

        International dancing will be cancelled a week from Saturday, on April 4,
        because the Salvation Army has other plans for the gym and because
        several of us will be in Calgary for the workshop with Yves Moreau.

        DANCES 03-21-09

        1  Miserlou                        Israel
        2  Nebesko Kolo                    Croatia
        3  Aino Kchume                     Assyria
        4  Alunelul de la Urzica           Romania
        5  Donat                           Turkey
        6  Narino                          Turkey
        7  Valle Nuseve Nga Korca (music is Populli Jon) Albania
        8  Dedo mili dedo                  Macedonia
        9  Tervelska Raka                  Bulgaria
        10 Tervelska Tropanka              Bulgaria
        11 Donat                           Turkey
        12 Maître De La Maison (Master of the House) France
        13 Vallja e Katjushkes             Albania
        14 Sakarsko horo                   Bulgaria
        15 Bonny Cuckoo                    England
        16 Dospatsko Horo                  Bulgaria
        17 Karamfil                        Macedonia
        18 Staro Pomasko (Staro Pomas^ko)  Bulgaria
        19 Sabrali sa se, sabrali          Bulgaria
        20 Zorba                           Greece
        21 Mori Odajo                      Macedonia
        22 Chekurjankino                   Bulgaria
        23 Narino                          Turkey
        24 Gavotte d'Honner                Brittany
        25 Ivanice                         Macedonia
        26 Mi Go Zatvorille                Macedonia
        27 Sborinka                        Bulgaria
        28 Tamzara                         Armenia
        29 Skudrinka (Od Granka V Granka)  Macedonia
        30 Be'er Basadeh                   Israel
        31 Belasicko Oro                   Macedonia
        32 Debki                           Bedouin
        33 Slow Singing Pravo              Bulgaria


        1  Russ
        2  Jackie
        3  Rose
        4  Don
        5  Marvin
        6  Jon
        7  Karen
        8  Joe
        9  Roger
        10 Sharon
        11 Connie

        Happy dancing,