Hello Dancers,

        Kalispell International Folkdancing takes place Saturday May 2, from 7 to 10 p.m.
        at the Salvation Army gym, 110 Bountiful Drive, Kalispell, MT. We had a good group
        last week and were joined by Maryann Zeliznak from the Augusta International
        Folkdance Club, who was passing through Kalispell en route from South Carolina to
        Oregon. She knew some of our dances and different versions of others, so it was a
        fun exchange.

        Next Saturday May 9 will be a night of Contra Dance at the Salvation Army gym, with
        a live band, the Grin and Bear It String Clan, and caller Bev Young. Dancing is
        from 7 to 10 pm. Come a little early or promptly at 7 pm for a short review of basic
        calls and dance steps. Admission is $7 for adults and $15 for families. Kids and
        non-dancers get in for FREE. Also, for anyone interested in learning to be a dance
        caller, a free workshop will precede the dance from 5 to 6 pm. A potluck supper
        will follow from 6 to 7 pm.  Call Joe  or Sherry  if you have any questions about
        the Contra Dance.

        First call. The annual Stamp and Camp international folkdance weekend will take
        place June 27-28, the last weekend in June, in Kalispell, with dancing at the
        Salvation Army and camping with potluck meals at the home of Russ and Missybetween
        Whitefish and Columbia Falls.  More details will follow.

        Remember the National Folk Festival in Butte, July 10-12. Plans are in the works
        for a possible international dance in Butte sometime that weekend.

        Web site for Kalispell International Folkdancers. Check it out!

        DANCES 04-25-09

        1  Trugnala Rumjana                Bulgaria
        2  Chilili                         Bolivia
        3  Bojerka                         Serbia
        4  Biserka                         Serbia
        5  Djado mitjovata                 Bulgaria
        6  Ajde Jano kolo da igramo        Serbia
        7  Ma Navu                         Israel
        8  Hora ca la Caval                Romania
        9  Valle Pogonishte                Albania
        10 Dance Of Ikaria                 Greek
        11 Gerakina                        Greek
        12 Karagouna                       Greek
        13 Lepa Moja Milena / Drmacica     Croatia
        14 Kendime                         Turkey
        15 Ajde Lepa Maro                  Serbia
        16 Gori More                       Macedonia
        17 Damat                           Turkey
        18 Zensko za raka                  Macedonia
        19 Nabrala                         Croatia
        20 Miserlou                        Greek
        21 Staro Bansko Horo               Bulgaria
        22 Dana                            Romania
        23 Drjanovska Racenica 2           Bulgaria
        24 Valle Nuseve Nga Korca          Albania
        25 Lamb Skinnet                    Scotland
        26 Valle e Dardhes                 Albania
        27 Cepelarsko Horo                 Bulgaria
        28 Changerais-tu                   Brittany
        29 Syrto '85                       Greek
        30 Bavno Oro                       Macedonia
        31 Pomasko Sirto                   Bulgaria

        DANCERS 04-25-09

        1. Russ
        2. Don
        3. Rose
        4. Jackie
        5. Roger
        6. Sharon
        7. Cris
        8. And Dyson
        9. Maryann (visiting on her travel from S Carolina to Oregon)
        10. Marvin
        11. Joe
        12. Clif