Howdy Dancers!

        Kalispell International Folk Dancers meet again this Saturday June 20 from 7 to 10
        p.m. at the Salvation Army gym, 110 Bountiful Drive, Kalispell.

        For those in the Bozeman area or heading that way, Cecelia reminds that this is
        also the Summer Solstice weekend at Hallie's Weather Rock Barn, featuring a picnic
        in view of sandhill cranes, music jam and dancing! Stay over and see the stars or
        drive home in near dark.
        June 20 - 21st, 2009
        Summer Solstice at Weather Rock on the Alluvial Plains of the Shields Valley
        Early evening of Saturday, June 20th
        Rain or Shine - Dress for Montana weather
        Overnight camping available
        Picnics - hiking - night time star gazing (new moon darkness)
        Dancing in the Loft of the Barn - Music Jams at the Bunk House
        Bring to share - Pot Luck meals - snacks - goodies - beverages
        Sorry no dogs during this event.

        Stamp and Camp in the Flathead Valley is the following weekend, June 27-28. Connie
        reports that the plans are finalized. Dancing Saturday afternoon at the Salvation
        Army gym in Kalispell. Marvin will host the potluck dinner at his house the 27th. He
        said he has built a deck big enough to folk dance on! Dance party Saturday night at
        the SA gym.
        Potluck breakfast Sunday morning at Russ and Missy's. Missy has to work that weekend.
        Sharon said she'd make a 9x13" oven dish, and Marianne (she's back!) said she'd bring
        some fruit or a fruit salad. We usually have about 20? people so will need more food to
        feed the out of town guests. Rose heard from Ann Kyle in Calgary, who will be in
        southern Alberta for that weekend and may join us.

        For Contradancers, Kathy Neff reports that there are no plans for any official summer
        contradances in Kalispell. She had considered calling an informal one on August 8 with
        recorded music, but the Gym was no
        t available that day. The plan now is to start officially the 2nd Saturday of
        October and continue till May, but the November date is a little up in the air due
        to the Rails to Trails contradance fundraiser. More definite dates and details
        will be announced when they are finalized.
        Meantime, there are the Shy Bear Farm Summer Contra Dances near Arlee.
        Date: 3rd Sat of June, July, and August.

        Seattle Folklife 2009 review from Cecelia:
        I attended for the first time in over 5 years, but only on Sunday. I loved the IFD
        schedule that day, and I ran in to Ann and her sister of Missoula, and former Bozeman
        resident Tonya. Overall there were at least 15 venues for performance and participation
        from every continent, not to mention impromptu street action.
        The afternoon at Center House had 3 bands for an International Folk Dance Party. As
        each band set up, basic steps were taught for the next set. There's a huge amount of
        foot traffic through that area, so IFD got great exposure during prime time. Many folks
        stopped to try it. A dance list had been printed and distributed, so experienced
        dancers could plan breaks around their favorites. As performances ended at other stages,
        those costumed performers would pop in and add some flare. It was great to see the
        Schuplattler performers smoothly execute the northern European numbers, and the
        announcer warned if the dance was complex so that the floor would clear and crashes
        were minimized.
        Sunday evening was for Balkan dancing, with 7 different orchestras. There was no
        teaching. During band changes, individual musicians filled in. At one point, 3 gaidas
         were clustered on the dance floor. How is it that those guys haven't gone deaf??
        It was loud but totally thrilling to dance around Balkan bagpipes again. Occasionally
        there was a familiar tune, like Karamfil. But mostly it was village style, so a
        pravo or rezinitza would start and you just had to pick carefully which leader/pattern
        matched your skill level. This was frustrating for my mother-in-law, who's used
        to recorded music and familiar tunes. But for my daughter and niece, I think they
        could've danced all night. Indeed, I'd guess that the mean age on the dance floor
        was 30. I had to leave early, so will be glad to hear what others have to say.

        For more information on international dancing and links to music, events and other
        information, visit the Kalispell International Folk Dancers web site, where you can
        also find recent dance lists:

        Here are the Kalispell dances from Saturday 6-6-09. And Cris sends thanks to whomever
        brought Dyson's jacket by their house.

        Cepelarsko Horo 	Bulgaria
        Trite Pati 		Bulgaria
        Ljaski 			Bulgaria
        Zensko za raka 		Macedonia
        Karamfil              	Macedonia
        Dance Of Ikaria 	Greek
        Zorba 			Greek
        Jove Malaj Mome 	Bulgaria
        Ma Navu 		Israel
        Zorba 			Greek
        Hora ca la Caval  	Romania
        Lakodalmi Tanc     	Hungary
        Ajde Jano  		Serbia
        Lakodalmi Tanc     	Hungary
        Valle Pogonishte 	Albania
        Zaeskata 		Bulgaria
        Momacka Setnja 		Serbia
        Valle Nuseve  		Albania
        Rustemul 		Romania
        Valle Nuseve  		Albania
        Narino 			Turkey
        Heyamo  		Turkey
        Gori More 		Macedonia
        Malilzvorski Opaas      Bulgaria

        1.      Russ
        2.      Missy
        3.      Roger
        4.      Jackie
        5.      Cris
        6.      And Dyson
        7.      Karen
        8.      Rose
        9.      Marvin
        10.    Connie
        11.    Marianne

        Happy dancing,