Hello Dancers,

        It was an outstanding 6th annual Stamp & Camp last weekend. Thanks to everyone
        who came, brought yummy foods and so many dances we haven't done for a while.
        The weather was ideal for stamping and camping, and we even got to christen
        Marvin's new deck with a few dances. Max, Eva & Cecelia all sent special thanks
        to our group for organizing and hosting the event.

        The Kalispell group will dance again Saturday July 4th at the usual venue,
        the Salvation Army Church gym at 110 Bountiful Drive a block south of Kalispell
        Regional Hospital. Regrettably, Rose & I will miss this week due to a conflict,
        and we will miss next week as well because we are heading over to Butte for
        the National Folk Festival. I think the group will dance in Kalispell next Saturday
        July 11, but Russ & Missy will be gone as well, so those who meet tomorrow night
        will need to sort out plans for July 11.

        As for the National Folk Festival, Cecelia sent the following:
        You're invited to a dance party!  Please forward this to International Folk
        Dancers, especially if they're coming to Butte for the National Folk Festival.

        Saturday,  July 11th
        9 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.
        St. John's Episcopal Church
        15 North Idaho Street
        From I-90, take Montana St exit. Go north.
        After Park St., turn left (west) onto Broadway. Go 1 block.
        Church is across from library.  Use Broadway entrance.
        This is likely a good spot to park at 9 a.m.

        No cost, but  please request your favorite tunes now. I'm not planning for
        teaching or review, but there will be plenty of familiar dances for you to
        join in.

        The Festival itself starts up at noon on Saturday. I'd like to dance to the Otrov
        (Croatian Tamburitza) orchestra at noon on the Original Stage, so plan for a last
        dance by 11:30 am.  http://www.ncta.net/index2.htm        

        A special guest at the party will be Ron Houston. He puts out the bright pink
        Folk Dance Directory that's sponsored by the Society of Folk Dance Historians.
        He's been wanting to meet our Montana dancers and organizers. Come and welcome
        him to the Big Sky!   Here's the society's site. Click on "Encyclopedia" to see
        their work on various dances:
        Questions? Want an e-mail photo of the church?
        dance AT notess DOT com
        Cecelia Notess
        Bozeman, Montana International Folk Dancers
        Hope to see you there!
        For more information on international dancing and links to music, events and
        other information, visit the Kalispell International Folk Dancers web site,
        where you can also find recent dance lists:

                Dances of July 4, 2009

                Cepelarsko Horo                 Bulgaria
                Zensko za raka                  Macedonia
                Hashual                         Israel
                Valle Nuseve Nga Korca          Albania
                Valle Pogonishte                Albania
                Dedo mili dedo                  Macedonia
                Horehronski Csardas             Slovakia
                Pinosavka                       Serbia
                Siriul                          Romania
                Heyamo                          Turkey
                Chiotikos                       Greek
                Pata Pata                       South Africa
                Erev Ba                         Israel
                Trip to Bavaria                 Scotland
                Hasapiko Vari                   Greek
                Nama Lesnoto Medley             Macedonia

                1.      Russ
                2.      Missy
                3.      Roger
                4.      Connie
                5.      Jackie
                6.      Jon
                7.      Makala and Ryan
                8.      Cris
                9.      Rebecca and Dyson
                10.     Marvin
                11.     Lauren