Hello Dancers,

        Kalispell International Folk Dancers will gather to dance this Saturday Oct. 24, 7 to 10 pm, at the
        Salvation Army gym, 110 Bountiful Drive. Easier dances are taught for at least the first hour, with
        more advanced dancing later in the evening. This week we will be wishing happy birthdays to several.
        Connie Cohen sent the following reminder:

         Ruth's birthday was Oct 14.  Sharon and Karen have birthdays the 23rd and 24th. I don't know who
        is coming, but I wanted to let you know now rather than wait until I have the details of who will
        be there. There will be a party for them all on the 24th!!  Please come  help us celebrate!  If you
        can bring a treat of some kind, great!

        Belated thanks to Hallie for hosting last month's barn dance at the Weather Rock Barn in the idyllic
        Shields Valley north of Bozeman, and to Cecelia for organizing the international dancing portion
        of the program. It was a lovely weekend and well worth the trip.

        Roger has forwarded the following from Ann Kyle in Calgary. The renowned Bulgarian dancer and
        teacher Yves Moreau is returning to Calgary next month to lead another workshop. Looks like a
        terrific program.

        Hi All,
        If you had fun at the Yves Moreau Bulgarian dance workshop last spring, you will be pleased to
        know that Yves and France are coming back November 13-14 to do dance workshops with the Bulgarian
        community in Calgary! The events are open to all and will feature live music!
        Please note that advance registration is required.
        Folkdance Fridays will be cancelled on November 13 so that everyone can attend the dance workshop.
        If out-of-town people need billets, please let me know, and we'll try to accomodate you.
        Hope to see you,


        Musical Treasures of Bulgaria

        Bulgarian folklore days in Calgary- November 13 and 14, 2009

        Calgary Bulgarian Society is organising and sponsoring a two-day event that celebrates the
        diversity of Bulgarian folk music and dance. Join us to learn more about the long-standing
        tradition of Balkan folklore with interactive dance and folk singing workshops with world known
        Bulgarian and Canadian artists.

        Echoes of Bulgaria


        SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 14, 2009

        Montgomery Community Hall

        Address: 5003 16 Avenue NW, Calgary

        7:30p.m.-8:15 p.m.

        Lecture by Yves Moreau: «Bulgarian Folk Traditions past and present».

        Audio-visual presentation on Bulgarian folk music, dance and traditions focusing on folklore

        rituals, costumes, musical instruments, festivals, performing groups.

        8:30p.m.-10:00 p.m.

        Traditional singing and instrumental pieces from all over Bulgaria with renowned Bulgarian
        professional folk artists: Nikolay Kolev, gadulka; Donka Koleva, singer; Vassil Bebelekov,
        gajda; Maria Bebelekova, singer; and Strahil Vankov, accordion.

        The concert will be followed by a vecherinka, a traditional evening dance party where
        everyone can join the horo and ratchenitsa dances with live music.

        A bar service and light snacks will be available.

        Folk music CDs featuring our guest artists will be also be available for purchase.

        Interactive Dance & Singing Workshops

        FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 13, 2009

        Bankview Community Hall

        Address: 2418 - 17 Street SW, Calgary

        8:00p.m.-10:30 p.m.

        Bulgarian Folk Dance workshop #1 with Yves Moreau and musicians.

        Beginner-Intermediate-level class for people with some experience introducing typical
        dances from various ethnographic regions of Bulgaria .

        SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 14, 2009

        Bankview Community Hall

        Address: 2418 - 17 Street SW, Calgary

        2:00p.m.-3:30 p.m.

        Interactive Bulgarian Folk Dance workshop for children (ages 4-15) with France
        Bourque-Moreau at the Bulgarian Language School

        Bring your children to experiment with Shareni Chorapi, Kukuvicka, Lalentse, Dva Pati na
        djasno, Boryano Boryanke, and many others.

        SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 14, 2009

        Montgomery Community Hall:

        Address: 5003 16 Avenue NW, Calgary

        09:30 a.m – 12:00 p.m

        Bulgarian Folk Dance workshop #2 with Yves Moreau and musicians.

        Intermediate-advanced-level class for more experienced dancers experimenting with
        dances from various ethnographic regions of Bulgaria .

        1:30 p.m.-3:00 p.m.

        Bulgarian Folk Singing workshop with Donka Koleva, Maria Bebelekova and musicians.

        Introduction to Bulgarian folk singing. A wonderful opportunity to learn some
        Bulgarian folk songs

        with elements of regional styles and technique.

        3:00p.m.-5:00 p.m.

        Bulgarian Folk Dance workshop #3 with Yves Moreau and musicians.

        Pan-Bulgarian dances. A thorough overview of the most popular folk dances such as
        Pravo Horo, Paidushko, Eleno Mome, Shirto, Daichovo, Gankino Horo, etc.

        Everything you need to survive a Bulgarian wedding!

        Admission fees:

        Friday Bulgarian dance workshop #1:       $15

        Saturday Bulgarian Dance Workshop # 2:    $15

        Saturday Bulgarian singing class:         $15

        Saturday Bulgarian dance workshop #3:     $15

        «Package price» for all 4 workshops:            $50

        Calgary Bulgarian Society will sponsor workshop fees for its regular members.

        Advanced registration required. Please submit information to
        info AT calgarybulgariansociety DOT com with name, tel number and e-mail. Fees payable
        at the door Friday night or to contact person for concert tickets below.

        Saturday evening lecture and concert + dance party: $25, payable in advance to
        Nikolay Dolaptchiev (tel: 403-283-7135) and Miroslav Rusev (tel: 403-233-8710).

        VASSIL BEBELEKOV - Thracian and Rhodope gajda (bagpipe)  - Born in the Rhodope
        mountain town of Devin , he graduated from the Shiroka Lâka Folk Music School and the
        Plovdiv Folklore Conservatory. He has played with the State Ensemble Trakiya in Plovdiv
        and has recorded for Bulgarian National Radio. For several years he was Assistant
        Professor of music at the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA).

        MARIA BEBELEKOVA (singer) -- was born in the Rhodope town of Shiroka Lâka where she
        learned singing from her mother and grandmother. She taught at the famous Shiroka
        Lâka Folk Music School for 15 years and also sang with the famous women’s chorus
        Angelite for three seasons.

        She has made several recordings and has appeared on Bulgarian National TV and Radio.

        Youtube videoclip for Vassil and Maria: Maria and Vassil Bebelekovi at Slavic Concert Without Borders - Berkeley. CA 

        NIKOLAY KOLEV - gâdulka  (Bulgarian type of fiddle).  Famous virtuoso from the
        village Karavelovo in the Rose Valley of Bulgaria. Graduated from the Shiroka
        Lâka Folk Music School and performed with the Sliven Folk Ensemble . Founded the
        Sopot Orchestra and Orkestar Rozova Dolina . His musical formation,  Balkanski
        Glasove which includes his wife Donka and two daughters,  has toured widely
        throughout North America .

        Youtube videoclip of Nikolay: Nikolay Kolev, Gadulka master, solo, Aug. 2008

        DONKA KOLEVA (singer), is a native of the village of Tuzha near Stara Zagora in
        Thrace . She graduated from the musical folklore school in Shiroka Lâka and performed
        with the Sliven Folk Dance and Music Ensemble. She has many recordings at the National
        Radio and Television in

        Bulgaria . In 1997, her recording of  the song Yavore was proclaimed «folk song of
        the year.»  As a teacher, she is sought after for her careful technique, gorgeous
        voice and iron fist.

        Youtube video/soundclips of Donka:
	Donka Koleva- Pomnish Li Yavore 

	Donka Koleva - Turci Ot Kalofer Slyazoha 

        STRAHIL IVANOV VANKOV (accordion) was born in Ivailovgrad in Southeastern Bulgaria.
        He first studied gajda at the Shiroka Lâka Musical School and later took up the
        accordion playing at concerts and weddings with the popular clarinetist Mladen Malakov.
        He has also shared the stage with stars of Bulgarian Folk music such as Ivo Papazov
        and Peter Ralchev. He currently lives in Chicago where he directs the Bulgarian
        folk orchestra Kolorit.

        YVES MOREAU (dance) lives in Montreal and is recognized as one of North America's
        foremost exponents of Bulgarian dance and folklore. He has travelled to Bulgaria
        almost annually since 1966 to research dance and to record music in all regions of
        the country. He has also lectured and conducted workshops in Bulgarian and Balkan
        dance throughout North America, Europe,and Asia.

        He has produced many recordings of Bulgarian folk music and in 1980, Bulgaria awarded
        him with the Order of Kiril & Metodi (1st degree) for his work popularizing Bulgarian
        folk culture in North America . In July 2008, for his 60th birthday, Yves received the
        Presidential Medal and letter of congratulations from the President of Bulgaria, Georgi


        Happy Dancing,