Howdy Dancers,

        Last Saturday's Kalispell International Folk Dance brought together a good group of
        dancers and a bodacious supply of food snacks to celebrate Russ Conn's birthday. We
        also did about 30 dances! It was a fine evening.

        Contra dancing is on the calendar for this Saturday Dec. 12. International folk
        dancing in Kalispell is cancelled this weekend. The Contra dance is scheduled from
        7:30 to 10:30 p.m., at the Northridge Lutheran Church (an alternative venue since
        the Salvation Army gym is now a staging area for a Christmas toy give-away). Live
        music will be by Skippin' A Groove, and Morna Leonard wll be calling. Admission is
        $7 for adults & teens, $13 for families, free for kids & non-dancers.

        The international dance schedule is a bit up in the air for the rest of the holiday
        season. We would normally dance on Saturday Dec. 19, but that's the last Saturday
        before Christmas, and in the past the Salvation Army has used the gym for a Christmas
        event on the Saturday before Christmas.  I'm assuming that there will be international
        dancing on Dec. 26, Jan. 2 and 9, but Rose & I will miss the next four dance weekends
        so will be unable to update the schedule. For the latest info, best bet will be to
        email Roger or Russ

        Elsewhere around the state, Eva reports: The Butte folk dancers will be partying
        this Sunday evening (Dec. 13)  7-9 p.m. at Sacred Ground, 601 W. Park. Come join us
        for request dancing, food (bring some if you come) and time to visit.  Fancy skirts
        are ok as are bottles of wine and jingle bells on your shoes! Let us know if
        you're coming and if you'd like a billet( i.e. place to stay over!) maxneva AT rfwave DOT net

        In Bozeman, International/Scottish dancing is scheduled Tuesday Dec. 19 on the
        MSU campus. Contact Cecelia if you are headed that way. cecelia AT notess DOT com

        Cecelia also sent the following links to Seattle music & dance videos:

        Songs of Sevdah A show about traditional urban music of old Bosnia and Herzegovina.
        Dancing is at 14 minutes and at 40 minutes.You may recognize the dance, U Sest.
        Note the women's footwear: backless, strapless slippers.
        Vocalists, note Mary Sherhart at 46 min.

        Dances Under the Crescent Moon
        Helene Eriksen's Traditional Dance Theater presents a showcase of dances from
        Algeria, the Arabian Peninsula, Iran, Uzbekistan, Amenia, and of the Roma (Gypsy)
        communities of Hungary. Note hand motions at 19 min - like the 4 part women's
        Armenian dance, Aghchka Jerazanke. Helene Eriksen was the fine teacher and lovely
        dancer who presented in Butte this past August.

        Information from Tineke Van Geel
        Cultural Tours to Armenia in 2010
        *May 9-23,   August 15-29,   Sept. 26-Oct. 10   **Price:  1995 Euro (flight
        *No dancing, but Armenian culture (historic monuments), nature (hiking),
        Armenian cuisine and people (i.e. visit to a village) will be the focus of
        these tours to this beautiful country*

        **Detailed information on my new website:

        * *
        *Dance Tour with 2 guest teachers
        *April 29-May 9. Price: 1545 Euro (flight included)
        *Detailed information: *
        Kind regards,
        Tineke van Geel

        For more information on international dancing and links to music, events and
        other information, visit the Kalispell International Folk Dancers web site,
        where you can also find recent dance lists:

        Our next Contra Dance will be at the Northridge Lutheran Church, the Salvation
        Army gym is being used for Christmas stuff.

        December 12th, 2009

        Band-Skippin a Groove
        Caller-Morna Leonard

        Northridge Lutheran Church, 323 Northridge Drive
        7:30-10:30 PM

        The first part of the evening will have very easy dances and explanation of common calls.
        ALL the dances throughout the evening are taught and called....

        $7.00-Adults and Teens



        Directions to the Northridge Lutheran Church
        From the intersection of Hwy 2 and Hwy 93, turn north toward Whitefish.
        At the crest of the hill, before you drop down to the college, turn *left*
        onto Northridge Drive. Qdoba is on the right, you want to turn left onto Northridge Drive.
        Northridge Lutheran is about 2 blocks on the right

        OR, if you're coming from Whitefish, when you see Qdoba on your left, turn
        right onto Northridge Drive.
        If you have any questions, call Joe at 752-7469 or Sherry at 752-8226

        Hope to see you there!

        Hello Dancers,

        Quick correction: looking ahead to January, Joe points out that Jan. 9 will
        be a Contra Dance night here in Kalispell.

        Maryann Zeliznak in South Carolina sends the following:
        Hey, there's a movie running for the holidays on the Lifetime channel called
        "The 12 Men of Christmas".  It's a romantic comedy and guess what - the backdrop
        is Kalispell.  It reminded me of when I was there.  Wow.
        Merry Christmas to everyone at the KIFD.

        From Michael Sweet in Missoula:

        As a follow up to the link that Cecelia sent :

        [Songs of Sevdah “note Mary Sherhart at 46 min.”]

        I discovered this band was hosting an evening Balkan Dance party in
        Seattle on March 12th:
        Up for a road trip?  Please pass along.

        Maybe so! Happy holidays & happy dancing to everyone.