Happy Valentine's Day & Lunar New Year!

        International folk dancing in Kalispell is cancelled this weekend. Instead, don't
        forget the February Contra Dance and silent auction at the Salvation Army gym this
        Saturday, Feb. 13, with Bev Young calling and Skippin a Groove from Missoula providing
        music.  Bring any spare goodies to contribute as an auction item (baked goods, jewelry,
        books, use your imagination) and/or a little extra money to bid on something special and
        help keep these dances going.

        The annual statewide Steam& Stomp weekend of international folk dancing is next
        weekend, Feb. 20-21, at Boulder Hot Springs, between Helena  and Butte. Since many
        from Kalispell will be attending, international dancing in Kalispell will also be
        cancelled on that date.  Dancing will resume Feb. 27.

        The Butte dancers are throwing a party on Sunday, Feb. 21, 7 p.m., at Sacred Ground,
        601 W. Park. Eva Maxwell invites any and all dancers in the area, especially those
        already "warmed up" from the Steam and Stomp at (relatively) nearby Boulder, "though
        we will quite understand if you are 'danced out.'  We started our little group in
        February of 2002, and somewhat to our surprise we are still dancing. It's been a great
        learning adventure for us all. Request dances, yummy treats, and special guest,
        Mitchell Frey are expected."

        In Helena, on Friday Feb. 19, there's a benefit for Montana Shares, with live jazz
        and desserts at St. Paul's in Helena, according to Julie Tabler, who will be helping
        out with some tango dancing:

        For anyone who wants to attend en route to Steam & Stomp, "We have a futon & floor
        space for anyone who'd like to stay in Helena."

        For more information on international dancing and links to events, free music and
        other information, visit the Kalispell International Folk Dancers web site, where
        you can also find playlists from past dances:

        DANCES DONE/ATTEMPTED 02-06-10

        Pasarelska              Bulgaria
        Ravno Oro               Macedonia
        Sirba de la Slatina     Romania
        Strumicka Petorka       Macedonia
        Oj Rasticu Susnjati     Croatia
        Dimitrija               Armenia
        Female Saylor           England
        Armenian Turn           Armenia
        Zorba                   Greece
        flip side of Zorba      Greece
        Armenian Miserlou (Eench Eemanaee) Armenia
        Pentozali               Greece
        Cetvorno Sopsko Horo    Bulgaria
        Barsgeren yeghanag (Persian Melody) Armenia
        Devojko Mari Hubava     Bulgaria
        Panagjursko Horo        Bulgaria
        Vlasko  (long version)  Bulgaria
        Sonderhonig             Denmark
        Maître De La Maison     France
        Harmonica               Israel
        Gori More               Macedonia
        Levi Jackson Rag        USA
        Newcastle               England
        Valle Nuseve Nga Korca  Albania
        Hatzisteryios (Dervenaghas)  Greece
        Mali Izvorski Opas      Bulgaria
        Takanata                Bulgaria
        Opinca                  Romania
        Orijent                 Serbia
        Birchot Havdalah        Israel
        Sweet Girl              Armenia
        Erev Ba                 Israel
        Oseh Shaloam            Israel
        Ma Navu                 Israel
        Jacob's Ladder (Sulam Yaakov) Israel

        DANCERS 02-06-10
        1. Jackie
        2. Russ
        3. Roger
        4. Missy
        5. Joe
        6. Jon
        7. Karen
        8. Connie
        9. Don
        10. Rose

        See you at Boulder!