Hello Dancers,

        Our weekly international folk dance in Kalispell has been cancelled for tonight, Oct. 23. Several
        people are going to the Hopa Harvest dance weekend in Missoula or have other conflicts. We will
        dance again for Halloween next Saturday, Oct. 30, from 7 to 10 p.m. at the Salvation Army gym,
        110 Bountiful Drive.

        Thanks to Susan & Michael Sweet and the Missoula folk dancers for hosting the Hopa Harvest in Lolo.
        It was a great weekend, and the Lolo venue was excellent, with the big cushioned wooden dance floor and adjoining
        lounge for meals and snacks. I'd forgotten all about that campground-pavilion, which has made Lolo a Montana 
        mecca for traveling square dancers in summer when the campground is open. Saturday we learned four dances:

        U Krusevo Ogin Gori (Macedonia);
        Zaplanski Cacak (Serbia);
        Ugros (Hungary and
        Rucenica for 3 (Bulgaria).

        Sunday morning Susan led us on a fun workshop introduction to the second half of Floracica Oltaneasca.

        Happy dancing,


        Dances taught
        U Krusevo Ogin Gori     Macedonia
        Zaplanski Cacak         Serbia
        Ugros                   Hungary
        Rucenica for 3          Bulgaria

        Vrni Se Vrni
        Sukacko Kolo
        Ma Navu
        Village Cetvorno
        Kol Dodi
        Galaonul de la Birca
        Biserka Bojarka
        At Va'ani
        Savila Se Bela Loza
        Hora de La RisiPiti
        Kyustendilska Rucenitsa
        Croatian Waltz
        Zaplanski Cacak
        Belasicko Oro
        Ajde Noga Za Nogama
        Hora Cheffar
        Avant Deux de Travers
        Senjacko Kolo
        U Krusevo Ogin Gori
        Rucenica for 3
        st. Anne's Reel
        De a Lungul
        Ba Pardess
        Strumicka Petorka
        Trgnala Tumjana
        Triti Puti

	I think I can recall U Krusevo Ogin Gori very well, and the
        Strandzanska Rucenica (isn't that the one with one man and two women?)  but there are a 

	few memory lapses
        with Kyustendilska Ruchenitsa.

        And what was the name of the one 3 cross steps to the right and 3 lifts then back to the left with 2
        cross steps then 2 lifts, then continuing left with 1 cross step and one lift?