Hello Dancers,

        Kalispell International Folk Dancing is Saturday, Jan. 21, 7 to 10 p.m.,
        at the Salvation Army gym, 110 Bountiful Drive. Wow! Winter is finally here.
        We got 10 to 12 inches of fluffy new powder south of Bigfork. Saturday could
        be a good night for a couple of those snowy Russian dances.

        We had a good gathering and a nice birthday celebration for Joe last week.
        Thanks to all who brought treats to help make it a special night.

        For more information on international dancing and links to upcoming events,
        free music and other information, visit the Kalispell International Folk
        Dancers web site, where you can also find playlists from past dances and
        links to music for many of the dances that we do:

        DANCES 01-14-12 (Not necessarily in order)

        Levi Jackson Rag                USA
        Slow Singing Pravo              Bulgaria
        Waltz Oslo                      Sweden
        Go fanale edno mome             Macedonia
        Posties Jig2                    Scotland
        Dance from Plav                 Montenegro
        Kreuz Koenig                    Germany
        Le'or Chiyuchech                Israel
        Ajde Jano                       Serbia
        Siriul                          Romania
        Kol Dodi                        Israel
        Ya da kalinushku lomala         Russia
        Erev Ba                         Israel
        Kalamatianos                    Greek
        Be'er Basadeh                   Israel
        Harmonica                       Israel
        Juice of Barley                 England
        St. Margaret's Hill             England
        Dospatsko Horo                  Bulgaria
        Godecki Cacak                   Serbia
        Devojce, Devojce                Macedonia
        Sestorka                        Serbia

        DANCERS 01-14-12
        1. Joe
        2. Ruth
        3. Sam
        4. Russ
        5. Missy
        6. Jackie
        7. Connie
        8. Rose
        9. Don
        10. Kathy
        11. Sherry
        12. Jon
        13. Malcolm

        Happy dancing,