We had another good session! Cecelia joined us from Bozeman, along with many of
        the usual suspects. Joe Fisher advises that Kalispell Contra Dances won't be
        starting until November, so IFD should continue weekly through October.

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        DANCES 09-29-12

        Backovsko Horo          Bulgaria
        Mavromata               Greece
        Hora Femeilor           Romaina
        Ajde Jano               Serbia
        Ma Navu                 Israel
        Biserka Bojarka         Serbia
        Maxwell's Rant          Scotland
        Clca Obrenovo Kolo      Serbia Gypsy
        Slow Singing Pravo      Bulgaria
        Dobrudzanska Pandela    Bulgaria
        Armenian Turn           Armenia
        Korobushka              Russia
        Dospatsko Oro           Bulgaria
        Ya da kalinushku lomala Russia
        Maruntica de la Cajvana Romania
        Harmonica               Israel
        Siriul                  Romania
        Kor Czardas             Hungary
        D'Hammerschmiedsgesellen Germany
        Birchot Havdalah        Israel
        Kritikos Syrtos         Greece
        Bavno Oro               Macedonia
        Nama Lesnoto Medley     Macedonia

        DANCERS 09-29-12
        1. Russ
        2. Missy
        3. Roger
        4. Sharon
        5. Cecelia
        6. Jackie Z
        7. Jackie V
        8. Connie
        9. Sam
        10. Ruth
        11. Bonnie
        12. Don
        13. Rose
        14. Jon
        15. Tim
        16. Kathy

        Happy dancing.