Hello Dancers,

        The next Kalispell International Folk Dance: Saturday Dec. 1, 6:30 to 10 p.m., at the Salvation 
	Army Community Center, 110 Bountiful Drive.
        We will gather a half-hour early for an informal light supper and party to celebrate the birthday
	of Russ, our dedicated dance leader, teacher and friend. Missy will have a soup or stew and salad.
	Side dishes or treat to share will be most welcome.

        Next Saturday is also the December Contra Dance, from 7:30 to 10:30 p.m., at the Kalispell Senior 
	Center, 403 2nd Ave. W., featuring live music by New Money with caller Morna Leonard. Note new 
	admission prices: $8/adults, $5/high school and college students, $18/families. For more information,
	contact Sherry at 261-2029 or Joe at 253-1895

        Kalispell Tango Classes return Dec. 9 with Chris and Jennifer teaching at Flathead Fitness, 
	300 1st Ave. W. Please contact them for more info: tabletoptangofoothills@gmail.com or see the class
	info. on the Missoula Tango Facebook page. Also,
        Lori and Patrick will be giving a tango lesson for the Whitefish IONS group on Dec. 13th at the 
	Bohemian Grange Hall, 125 Blanchard Lake Road.

        Feb. 16-17:  Steam & Stomp IFD Workshop and weekend dance party at Boulder Hot Springs.

        For more information on international dancing and links to upcoming events, free music and other 
	information, visit the Kalispell International Folk Dancers web site, where you can also find 
	playlists from past dances and links to music for many of the dances that we do:

        DANCES 11-24-12
	Ma Navu                         Israel
        Go fanale edno mome             Macedonia
        Tzadik Katamar                  Israel
        Miserlou                        Greek-American
        Kak po Logu                     Russia
        Ya da kalinushku lomala         Russia
        Lamb Skinnet (for Reel of the 51st Division)    Scotland
        Lesnoto Makedonsko Devojce      Macedonia
        Birchot Havdalah                Israel
        Zemer Atik                      Israel
        Siriul                          Romania
        Bannielou Lambaol               France
        Familjevalsen                   Sweden,Denmark,Norway
        Dospatsko Horo                  Bulgaria
        Mascatii                        Romania -Moldova
        Arnautsko Horo                  Bulgaria -Pirin
        Armenian Turn                   Armenia
        Be'er Basadeh                   Israel
        Dobrudzanska Pandela            Bulgaria
        Alunelul                        Romania
        Ganglat -Snoa                   Sweden, Norway
        Hambopolska                     Sweden
        Bitte Mand I Knibe              Denmark
        Seta                            Serbia
        Rheinlander Polka II            Denmark
        Langdans fra sollero            Sweden
        Reinlander etler campen         Norway
        Sborinka                        Bulgaria
        Dance from Plav                 Montenegro
        Jiana                           Romania
        Salty Dog Rag                   USA

        DANCERS 11-24-12
        1. Russ
        2. Missy
        3. Max
        4. Eva
        5. Molly
        6. Jackie V
        7. Cathy
        8. Shannon
        9. Rose

        Happy dancing!