Hello Dancers,

    	Kalispell International Folk Dancing will be Saturday Jan. 12, from 7 to 10 p.m., at the Salvation Army
    	Community Center, 110 Bountiful Drive. It promises to be a chilly night, so come dance away the cold.
    	Bring your requests!
        We welcomed new dancer Fred last week and ended up repeating a couple of the dances, by popular demand.
        Roger was on hand to teach and lead Kritiko Serviko -- three times! Great fun.

        We have two birthdays to celebrate this week, according to our Birthday Secretary Connie: Max's is 
        Jan. 12 (Saturday night!) and Eva plans to bring a cake. Joe's was Jan. 10 (Thursday, not Tuesday
        as I reported last week while pathetically contemplating last year's calendar). So please come help
        celebrate, and bring an extra treat if you wish. Connie says any complementary food is welcome, healthy
        or unhealthy. (Somebody talk to that girl!)

        The January Tango Class in Kalispell, with Michael and Lori, will be Jan. 19.
        2:00 - 3:15 – Building on the fundamentals of connection with yourself, your partner, and the music!
        3:30 - 4:45 – Adding fluidity to the dance: in and out of turns, crosses and rock steps.
        Open to all levels of dancers. • $10/class • Flathead Fitness • 300 1st Ave. W.
        Read more and register online:

        Michael notes that if you're on Facebook, you can join the Missoula Tango page to find out about all tango
        events in the region:
        Steam and Stomp at Boulder Hot Springs is Feb. 16 and 17. That's only five weeks away. Better make those
        reservations if you're planning to go.
 THE STEAM AND STOMP 2013 flyer 
just click on the PDF icon
DANCES 01-05-13 Seta Serbia Arnautsko Horo Bulgaria-Pirin Mayim - Instrumental Israel Mori Odajo Macedonia Dance from Plav Montenegro Dance Above the Rainbow Ireland Siriul Romania Dance Of Ikaria Greece Kritiko Serviko Greece Chilili Bolivia Pidhichtos Banas North Thrace Be'er Basadeh Israel Zimushka Russia Godecki Cacak Bulgaria Cocek (Djulijano Djulijano) Balkan Roma Lalica Bulgaria Tervelska Tropanka Bulgaria Setnja Serbia Miserlou Greek-American Sitno Malisevsko Bulgaria Sweet Girl Turkey An Dro Retourne Brittany Opinca Romania Erev Ba Israel Damat Turkey Mascatii Romania-Moldova Hora ca la Mahala Romanian Gypsy Makazice-Bela Rada Serbia Arnautsko Horo Bulgaria-Pirin Bavno Oro Macedonia T'Filati Israel Zensko za raka Macedonia Ya da kalinushku lomala Russia Go fanale edno mome Macedonia DANCERS 01-05-13 1. Kathy 2. Rose 3. Don 4. Shannon 5. Jackie Z 6. Max 7. Eva 8. Sharon 9. Roger 10. Lauren 11. Connie 12. Fred Happy dancing, Don