Hi All,

        Kalispell International Folk Dancing and Contra Dancing this Saturday, April 6.
        The plan is to open the evening with some international dances, then adjourn to
        join the contra dance across town. It's also Roger's birthday, so we can celebrate as well.

        International dancing will be from 7 to around 8:30 pm at the Salvation Army
        Community Center, 110 Bountiful Drive. Cost $3.

        Contra dancing is from 7:30 to 10:30 pm at the Kalispell Senior Center, 403
        2nd Ave. W. This is the last contra dance of the season. Live music by
        The Usual Suspects, with caller Bev Young. Cost $8 adults, $5 high school/college, $18 family.

        For more information on international folk dancing, past Kalispell playlists,
        and links to other folk dance sites, free music and much more, please visit
        our web site at http://montanafolkdance.org/flathead/

        Here's the IFD play list from last Saturday:

        DANCES 03-30-13

        Dvasti Tristi           Bulgaria
        Lakodalmi Tanc          Hungary
        Kostersko Oro           Macedonia
        Zemer Atik              Israel
        Ma Navu                 Israel
        Levi Jackson Rag        USA
        Ivanice                 Macedonia
        Dospatsko Horo          Bulgaria
        Kak po Logu             Russia
        Ta Vilina               Greece
        Hambo                   Sweden
        Maxwell's Rant          Scotland
        Misirlou                Greek-American
        Arnautsko Horo          Bulgaria-Pirin
        Siriul                  Romania
        T'Filati                Israel
        Gori More               Macedonia
        Tzadik Katamar          Israel
        Ali Pasa                Turkey
        Bastan-Dantza           Basque
        Dobrudzanska Pandela    Bulgaria
        Hore pe Seshe           Romania
        Birchot Havdalah        Israel

        1.  Russ
        2.  Missy
        3.  Max
        4.  Eva
        5.  Jackie Z
        6.  Molly
        7.  Sam
        8.  Ruth
        9.  Don
        10. Rose
        11. Connie
        12. Sally
        13. Dennis
        14. Beth