Hello Dancers,

Kalispell International Folk Dancing is cancelled for Saturday, May 11. Instead, 
the Salvation Army Community Center will host the annual Spring Swing Fling, a fun event 
that's well worth attending. Typically it features live jazz and big band swing music for 
listening and dancing. As I recall, it's an event to thank the community for its support, 
and admission is free or very nominal.

Kalispell International Folk Dancing will resume Saturday, May 18, from 7 to 10 pm, 
at the Salvation Army Community Center, 110 Bountiful Drive. Rose & I will miss the next 
few weekly dance sessions, and this weekly update will be discontinued for a while, 
because we will be trekking off to meet Ian, our new grandson, born April 10. Like 
Elaine & Bob, we also will be on the lookout for other international dance groups to 
check out.. See you next month! 

Here's a list of other upcoming folk dance events, courtesy of Cecelia:

- June 15:  Hambo/Scandinavian workshop in Bozeman, with Bob Holmen. Contact Cecelia 
for more info (cecelia@notess.com)

- Ho'ike 2013 Hula and Hawaiian Music Show at the OShaughnessy Cultural Arts Center, Whitefish 

- June 29: Stamp & Camp International Folk Dance weekend in Kalispell 

- July 12-14:  Montana Folk Festival in Butte, with international dance on Saturday 
morning at St. John's Episcopal Church in Butte.

For more information on international folk dancing, past Kalispell playlists, and 
links to other folk dance sites, free music and much more, please visit our web 
site at http://montanafolkdance.org/flathead/  

DANCES 05-04-13

Lalica			Bulgaria
Mori Odajo		Macedonia
Jacob's Ladder (Sulam Yaakov)	Israel
Orijent                	Serbia
Sestorka		Serbia
Kuma Echa		Israel
Sirba Din Cimpoi	Romania
Tzadik Katamar		Israel
Chilili 		Bolivia
Ali Pasa		Turkey
St John's River		Scotland
Sweet Girl (Sirun Ahchik) Armenia
Tamzara			Armenia
Ajde Jano		Serbia
Kol Dodi		Israel
Tervelska Tropanka	Bulgaria
Tervelska Raka		Bulgaria
Le'or Chiyuchech	Israel
Arnautsko Horo		Bulgaria-Pirin
Siriul			Romania
Miserlou		Greek-American
Opinca			Romania
T'Filati		Israel
Be'er Basadeh		Israel
Dvasti Tristi		Bulgaria
Zensko za raka		Macedonia
Ya da kalinushku lomala	Russia
Bavno Oro		Macedonia
Go fanale edno mome	Macedonia
Ta Vilina		Greece
Valle Pogonishte	Albania
Dobrudzanska Pandela	Bulgaria
Tzena Tzena		Israel
Hora veche (Muntenia)	Romania


1.	Russ
2.	Roger
3.	Sharon
4.	Kaia
5.	Rebecca
6.	Cris
7.	Dyson
8.	Jacob
9.	Connie
10.	Jackie Z
11.	Jackie V
12.	Beth
13.	Dennis
14.	Max
15.	Eva
16.	Jon

Happy Dancing