Hello Dancers,

We will proceed as planned on Saturday, July 20. International Folk Dancing
from 8 to 10 pm at the Salvation Army Community Center gym, 110 Bountiful Drive.
There might even be some sweet cherries and a bit of cake to be had.

Another memorable Montana Folk Festival has come and gone in Butte, where there
was some last-minute confusion about whether the community room at St. John's Episcopal 
Church would actually be available for last Saturday morning's IFD party. T'was all
a communication lapse, but Noor found a wonderful substitute dance floor at the Butte 
Pioneers Club -- which had the added charm of being located right
above the Headframe Spirits distillery and tasting room.

Don't forget to check out the Kalispell IFD web site for photos, music and links to 
lots of good stuff. http://montanafolkdance.org/flathead/

07-06-13 DANCES

Ya da kalinushku lomala	Russia	
Hora veche (Muntenia)	Romania	
Dance Of Ikaria		Greece	
Cocek (Djulijano Djulijano)	Balkan Roma	
Kritiko Serviko		Greece	
Kritikos Syrtos		Greece	
Ali Pasa		Turkey	
Siriul			Romania	
Siriul			Romania	
Misirlou		Greek-American
Opinca			Romania	
Go fanale edno mome	Macedonia	
Kortanc	Hungary
Povoz (Seta)		Serbia	
Kor Tanc		Hungary	
Dobrudzanska Pandela	Bulgaria	
Oj Cvjetjot Kalina	Russia 	
Ajd' Noga Za Nagama	Croatia	
Arnautsko Horo		Bulgaria-Pirin	
Hora ca la Mahala	Romanian Gypsy	
Ceresnicky		Czech	
Valle Pogonishte	Albania	
Sborinka (Max's)	Bulgaria	
Sitna Zborenka		Bulgaria	

1.      Don
2.      Rose
3.      Russ
4.      Jackie Z
5.      Jackie V
6.      Roger
7.      Connie
8.      Isaac
9.      Max
10.  	Eva

Happy dancing,