Hi Dancers,

Kalispell International Folk Dancing, Saturday Aug. 31, from 8 to 10 pm, at the Salvation Army Community Center gym.
There was a birthday celebration for Eva! Eva made a Chocolate gluten-free marmlade center cake.  A delicious treat.

Joe reminds us that the date for the 30th annual Bear Hug Mountain Music and Dance camp is just around the corner - 
September 6-8.  There is still space left.  Don't miss out on this great dance and music weekend on Flathead Lake. 
For more information about the camp and registration forms go to: 
Happy Labor Day weekend.

DANCES 08-31-13
Oi Devoiche			Bulgaria	
Kritiko Serviko			Greece	
Zemer Atik			Israel	
Savila Se Bela Loza		Serbia	
Mayim				Israel	
Alunelul--Gill			Romania	
Changerais-tu (andro retourne)	Brittany	
Takanata			Bulgaria, Severnjasko	
Hora veche (Muntenia)		Romania	
Hora ca la Mahala		Romanian Gypsy	
Ordu'nun Isiklari		Turchia (Turkey)	
T'Filati			Israel	
Dobrudzanska Pandela		Bulgaria	
Momino Horo - N.W. Vlach	Bulgaria	
Wild Geese, The			Scotland	
Female Saylor, The 		England	
Polka Dot Gae Gordons		Scotland	
Polka Dot 			Scotland

DANCERS 08-31-13
1.      Russ
2.      Missy
3.      Max
4.      Eva
5.      Joe
6.      Roger
7.      Ruth
8.      Tanner
9.      Eric
10.  	Jackie Z

Happy dancing!